Info: Y/n L/n

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 Name: Y/n L/n (Your name/ last name)

Hair Color: H/c (Your hair color)

Hair Length: H/l (Your hair length)

Skin Color: S/c (Your skin color)

Current occupancy: Esper level 5

Power: Alchemy

Info On Your power: Alchemy is an extremely rare power with lets you turn any object or thing into another material you desire. It's extremely overpowered and a very feared and unknown ability. You can turn any object, not matter how small it may be, into a different material or form. You can make objects bigger and smaller with a touch from your finger.  For example, If you are controlling gasoline and it somehow catches on fire you still will be able to control it. However, when using liquids, it can only with withstand 500-600 gallons. When turning an object into something else, it must be a solid or liquid. You also have to touch the object in order for it to transform.

Another power that comes with Alchemy is called 'Earth's Core'. It allows you to use magma and heat from the palms of your hands. You can use the magma for offense and defense but will burn you if you use it too long. 

Your personality summed up in one video:

Yes you have depresso moments.

You are overall a very kind and caring muffin, but can go beast mode if pushed in the wrong direction


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