Chapter 22-worthless boy

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Warning ⚠️ this chapter has homophobic slurs, sucidal thoughts, and abusive people⚠️
I get there and see...

Zach's POV
My dad grabs the collar of my shirt and pins me against the wall of my room. I hung up the phone with Jack when he came into my room so my dad couldn't see. He starts to choke me. As I start to loose air I cough. I move my hands up to try to get his hands off my neck but he was too strong. "P-please st-top." I say out of air. He dropped me and I took a deep breath and coughed. He grabbed my shirt again and dragged me from my room down the stairs. I was trying to kick him and I was screaming and crying. I don't know what he's going to do to me. As far as I know he could kill me. I just want Jack. He throws me into his basement.
As he threw me in the basement I fall down the stairs. I land on the cold, cement floor. I roll over into my back and look up. It's dark. I hear footsteps from the right and see him. My dad. He put something into his pocket. I didn't see what it was though. He turned on a light that flickered a little before making it a little easier to see.He came up to me as I scooted back. I stepped back far enough that I was against the grey wall. He can up to my face and put his hand behind his back. He yelled in my face, "DIE YOU F*G"
His breath smells like alcohol so I could tell he was drunk. He reaches behind him and pulls that thing out of his pocket. I take a look at it and see a blade. I start to get scared and shiver. He starts to move the blade closer to my face. I close my eyes shut and look to my side. I start to yell for help but there's just silence. I feel the cold metal knife on my arm and feel it start to cut. I wince at the feeling but it wasn't horrible because I already cut. He did about 4 cuts on each arm but they weren't that deep but deep enough to bleed. He the cuts my shirt of to reveal my stomach. He then starts to carve there. It hurts even worse and by now I start crying. I'm about to die. I'm going to die. I cry harder at that thought. He carves out the word 'slut' in my stomach. The floor now has a pool of my blood on it. I look down in that puddle and see my reflection.
I see a weak boy. Nobody likes him. He's just a gay f*g. He has a boyfriend that probably doesn't even like him. He can't do anything about it. He's a mistake to this world. A waste of air. A nobody.
I look back up from the puddle. I look at my father. A tear slips down my face. He pulls the knife up to my neck.
I then a hear a ding. A doorbell. He looks towards the sound of it. He drops me and the knife. I fall into my puddle of blood. Not able to move. He turns off the light so it's dark. I hear him walk up the stairs, hear a door open then close and get locked. I sit in the cold black room. I try to listen what's going on. I soon recognize the voice from upstairs. "Where is he?" I hear. I try to yell loud so he can hear me. The door swings open to reveal Jack.

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