Chapter 2 - I Blow Up My School (Sort Of)

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My chemistry knowledge was good but compared to Becca's, it was worse than Scrooge's attitude in 'A Christmas Carol'. It took us only 5 minutes to do the experiment, and most people were still setting up, so we decided that we needed to do something to pass the time.

SUPER HAPPY CHEMISTRY TIME!!!!! :D *dancing to Mr Bombastic*

Except there's no time for dancing... Because, as previously stated, it's super happy chemistry time. And that was the point at which Becca really surprised me.

(Hopeful yet stupid reader) "Did she show you her ti-"

NO!!! We're still 14 at this point. I mean honestly...

But back to the point. This was the point at which Becca really surprised me. With a key. (Hey, that rhymes!!!) It wasn't just any key, it was the key to the chemical store. The advanced chemical store.

You see, the school was built right next to a science facility. This broke down, and the school was allowed to take on some of the chemicals free of charge, as long as they took on some rather unwanted chemicals, which are kept in the advanced chemical store. And that's where we were going.

If any teachers were there, we wouldn't attempt it as it would mean expulsion but fortunately, Mr. Parker had vacated the classroom to go to the chemistry office to mark some papers. I was also worried that some of my classmates would see but they were too busy having chemical reactions cause their own explosions in their faces to notice.

And so, and so, it's off to store we go...

We sunk out of the classroom and ran silently down the corridoor and through a door saying "Beware of the leopard." I never quite understood that joke... But anyways, we tiptoed through the door and towards the large double doors at the back of the room, unlocked them, and gazed in wonder.

A single plutonium rod was displayed in a silver case, with cold steam coming off it. It was being kept in the cold.

And the alarm went.

It WAS being kept in the cold.

The sudden alarm caused an involuntary spasm and I accidentally ever so slightly spilt francium And fluorine onto the plutonium rod. (For various plot related reasons, I should note that it is a very small rod). The gas had created droplets of water. Francium, fluorine and water. Not good. With plutonium. Run for your life.

And that's what we did. We ran for about 30 seconds until we were outside and then we got hit by the shockwave of the explosion before we'd even heard it. The force was so much that it threw us the ground. It threw everyone to the ground. The alarm must have warned them to get the hell out of the science block.

Amidst the confusion, we managed to get ourselves into the crowd of people. And therefore, with that and the site blown up, people wouldn't realise that we were the culprits, as no-one saw us, and nobody had any proof.

Now we have time to dance to Mr Bombastic.

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