chapter 4

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Nevis and Crovis belong to me. I created them specifically for this AU. 

And yes, the characters in this AU will have animal transformations


After causing a laughing and rapping fit for himself and his friends, Alexander ended up inviting both Lafayette and Hercules Mulligan to eat. Having already eaten, Hamilton gave his two companions some of the still fresh leftovers from yesterday's dinner, and left to feed Nevis and the family's older gelding, Crovis. As he walked toward the horses' paddock, Alexander whistled sharply. Nevis' shrill whinny greeted him in response. Turning a corner, Hamilton saw Nevis and Crovis waiting for him at the fence, their ears pricked forward eagerly. "Hey Nev, Cro," He murmured, gently stroking each horse's muzzle. "How 'bout some breakfast, hm?" His horses following him, Alexander strode to the tackroom- which also served as the food storage room-, filled two large buckets with horse food before dumping it into the feed trough, dumped a large armful of hay beside it, refilled the water trough, then opened the gate to let Nevis and Crovis eat. While the horses ate, Hamilton looked them over and got out some brushes to clean them off as it was obvious that they'd rolled in the dirt. Purposefully keeping himself busy, Alexander didn't notice Hercules and Lafayette coming out of the house until Mulligan spoke from behind him. "Is that Crovis?" Hamilton jumped, startled, and turned around to look up at the former spy, who was significantly taller than he was. "Quit scarin' me!" He yelped, his heart skipping a beat. "Sorry!" Hercules smiled sheepishly. Alexander huffed, "It's fine. And before you ask again, yes, that's Crovis." Mulligan whistled, "Geez, that's an ancient horse! Haven't you had him since the war?" "The end of it, yes." Hamilton replied as he finished brushing Nevis. "So, while we're on the subject of horses, wanna see something Nevis taught me?" "Nevis.. Taught you?" Lafayette blinked in confusion. "What would that be?" Alexander glanced back at the Frenchman, a faint smile on his face. "Wait for it." Walking out to the paddock, the US treasurer grabbed a wooden ball and whistled. Soon enough, Nevis came trotting out of the stable with Crovis close behind her. "Watch." Hamilton told Hercules and Lafayette, "She loves this." Throwing the ball past the mare, Alexander and his friends watched as Nevis' head jerked up, ears pricked, and trotted to where the ball had landed. Curiously nosing the wooden sphere, Nevis then grabbed it in her teeth and cantered back to Hamilton, Lafayette and Mulligan. Dropping the ball in Alexander's hand, the pinto backed up, her tail whisking in excitement while she nickered repeatedly and watched the former general intently. Smiling, Hamilton locked eyes with the mare. "You want the ball?" Nevis whinnied, her foreleg pawing the ground in anticipation. "You want the ball Nev? You want it? Then go get it!" Drawing his arm back, Alexander flung the sphere as far as he could while Nevis chased after it. Turning to his friends, Alexander chuckled at the awestruck look on their faces. "You sure that's not a dog? I've never seen a horse do that before." Lafayette said after Alexander had handed him the ball to throw for Nevis. "I'm sure."

A few hours later Lafayette and Hamilton were back in the house. Hercules had left, chased back to his shop by his very angry wife. "Lafayette, it's not that I don't want you here, but I've been waiting for you to tell me what's up and, I have to admit; I'm worried." Alexander spoke up after a short while, not looking at his friend. "Why are you here? What attacked you?" Out of the corner of his eye, Alexander saw Lafayette stiffen then look away, his gaze darkening. "If you don't want to tell me, that's fine. But... I just want to make sure you're okay while ..." The treasurer trailed off momentarily, "While you know how to say goodbye." Once again, he was given no response. Finally, after a long hesitation, Lafayette spoke, his voice merely a whisper. "I... I was chased out of France." Alexander, having stood up to leave, looked at the Frenchman and sat back down, listening. "After all I did for them, my own people chased me out of my home simply on the fact that I was a noble. As if that's the worst thing they could have done." Lafayette's voice quivered and he clenched his hands, anger and sadness sparking in his eyes, "Je vais vous finir Robespierre." He hissed to himself. "What happened?" Hamilton's voice was nothing but a whisper. "Then... then..." Lafayette stopped as waves of pain rippled through him. Taking a deep, shaky breath, he forced himself to continue. "Before I was chased out, my wife and daughter became ill and the doctors I called to heal them they- they poisoned them." He closed his eyes tightly, forcing back the tears that threatened to spill down his cheeks. "Thanks to those men, I lost both my dear wife and daughter. I tried taking care of my son but... but a month ago he- he- he was sent to the guillotine and they- they... forced me to watch. My little boy-" Horrific memories flooding into his head, the former general hung his head and choked back a sob, unable to continue and about to break down again. Gazing at his friend, Alexander felt nothing but a powerful understanding and sympathy. Shifting closer to his distressed friend, the former revolutionary gently placed his hand on his shoulder, feeling him tremble, "Let it go Laf, it's okay." The Frenchman moaned softly, obviously trying his hardest to hold back a flood of tears and misery. "Ça va Lafayette, ça va." Switching into a coyote, Alexander jumped down to the floor and pushed his head under Lafayette's hand. "Gil, please..." Finally breaking, Lafayette wrapped his arms around Hamilton's neck and cried into his fur.

After letting Lafayette grieve for a short while, Alexander felt him calm down, his tight grip on his fur loosening. "Merci Alex." Once Lafayette had calmed down and wiped his tears, he looked down at the coyote- turned Hamilton, who simply nodded and switched back into a human. Looking closely at his old friend, Lafayette noticed for the first time how much older and wearier he looked. The Caribbean's eyes, once blazing with a seemingly unquenchable ambition and fire, were now dull and blank, rimmed with dark circles. "Alex, what happened to you?" "N- nothing... I'm fine." The treasurer's voice quivered and he turned away, hiding his face from Lafayette. Taking note of the tense atmosphere, the Frenchman rapidly tired to relax the other immigrant by changing the subject, "How is John? I haven't heard from him since the war." 

In an instant, the former general knew he'd made a mistake in asking that question. Alexander whipped around, staring at Lafayette with such raw horror on his face that the Frenchman flinched away from him. "Alexander...?" "John- You don't--? He- he's..." Abruptly, Hamilton switched back into a coyote and sprinted out of the room, his breath coming in ragged gasps. Lafayette stayed where he was, he had seen the tears spilling down his friend's face and had a feeling that something had happened to his South Carolinian friend. Just then Hamilton re-entered the room, a slip of paper in his jaws. Dropping the paper in Lafayette's hand, the coyote backed away, shaking visibly, his tail clamped between his hind legs. "Just... read it." he choked out, "I- I'll be outside..." Blinking in confusion, Lafayette watched him race out of the room, the door slamming shut as he left the house. Hesitantly, the Frenchman picked up the paper, took a deep breath, and began to read.

"On Tuesday, the twenty-seventh, 1782..."

"Mon dieu... John, no."


> French translations <

"Je vais vous finir Robespierre."

"I will end you Robespierre."

"Ça va Lafayette, ça va."

"It's okay Lafayette, it's okay."

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