Part 27

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Zen stops at the gate and I quickly unbuckled and opened the door.

Before I could even go inside, Zen calls my name.


I turn around and see him out of his car. I walk closer to him. He stares back at me with his emotionless expression.

"What? Is there something you have to say?" I asked him, curiously.

He smirks.

My left eye twitched all the sudden.

I got a bad feeling about this—

"On our next date, You are welcome to pay. And a sincere thank you too." He simply said as my face was filled with shock and the word, date.


A date? Date? This was a date? I thought—what?!

I felt him stroke my cheek and then his fingers, tangling with my hair.

Blushing = 100%

He bends his feet, his eyes meeting my eyes. I see him smiling. What..?

"Starting from today, it's day 1." He said with so much affection and rubbed my hair and left.

Day....1...? Date?


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Badump! Badump! Badump!

Blushing = error


What is this?! My heart, it's beating so fast! My face is hot too! Did I ate too much or too much sugar!??

What Zen said....

Am I his girl—nope. No. No. I don't believe it. He's probably joking...

*heart being stabbed*

Ouch. Why did that hurt??

I should probably go to Ewin's Box. Yeah! Let's go! But first, I need to go change! Let's forget all of this!!!

After snapping back to reality, I walked back into the house and the first thing that greets me was my beloved sister.

"You!!! Where is Zen??! What are you guys doing together!!!? Look, listen!" She shouted at me.



I forcefully smiled as she threw all kinds of insults at me.

"Zen is mine and mine alone!! Don't even think of liking him or sleeping with him! I'm his girlfriend! Zen is just acting! He's just getting close to you so that he can also be closer to me!! So, don't act all high! Got it?" She shouted again, her shouts and screams, filled the room.



Angry at her loud shouting at me, I decided to make her jealous by talking about my 'date' with Zen.

"Eve doesn't know what you are talking about but Eve know it's about Zen-sama!! Eve had a good date with Zen-sama! Zen was so gentle and handsome! He had smiles on his face which made me happy because if there is a smile on their face, that means they're happy!!! Zen also took me to a 5 star restaurant! The food was so good—"


My fragile body fell onto the ground and my hand went onto my cheeks and 'tears' filled my eyes.

——We'll go with a 3rd view——

Riya looked down at Eve who was on the ground with her hand on her cheek. Riya smiled evilly.

She felt good. She wanted to hit her more! How dare she talk about my Zen! Her anger overtook her while Eve was talking about her date with Zen.

At the scene, there was a person who witnessed it.

The person looked a little closer at the girl on the ground. Her hands weren't in a fist but her aura showed her bloodlust and hatred.

The person looked back at the older girl who was standing cross armed and smiling at the young girl down at her feet. It looks like she didn't noticed the aura around the girl.

Suddenly the person on the ground, reached out to her feet.

Riya was startled at the sudden movement and tried to step back but she couldn't step back. The little hands on her ankle, tighten. And the little hands were also on her previous sprained ankle.

Riya tried to shake her off and cursed at her. Eve looked up at her with tearful eyes.

"Eve is sorry!! Eve is sorry! Eve doesn't know but Eve is sorry!" Eve said as both of her hands were on Riya's ankle.

The person who thought that the little girl was going to fight the older person, was amused that the girl.

She's holding back...

The person smirked and chuckled.

"What are you two girls doing?" A deep and older voice said.

Riya and Eve looked at their father who was standing tall.


"Papa!!" Riya stepped on my wrist which made me let go of her ankle. After she was free from my grasp, she ran towards to our father, wrapping her arms around her father's.

"Papa, she tried—" Riya stopped when her father glared at her. Riya quickly took her arms away from his and step away from him.


"Enough, Riya." His cold voice startled her which made her obedient and stayed quiet.


Behind the scenes....

Eve: Oh my god, AN—

AN: *puffy cheeks* How could you say this to the one who created you!! *sobs*

Eve: Eh? Oi!! Why-what? Why are you crying!? Oi!! Pull yourself together! Hey! Don't faint—


                Until next time....

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