Poor Sweet Oscar

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Zsasz pov

I drop down to my couch heavily, pressing play on the tapes that would reveal some things. Many sides of Oscar, I lick my lips at the thought. First things first. I play the night I saved Oscar, fast forwarding to the moment I left.

Oscar runs out the back with a small leather pouch, rushing to a body. I watch as he looks away, digging through his pockets. He was so wrapped up in looking through the mans phone he didnt see mad hatter walk in slowly behind him until he was too close. Oscar spins, facing him and going to speak.

Hes quickly interrupted and pushed into a trance, following Mad hatter out of the building. I sigh as stare at the empty room annoyed, it gave me some answers, yes, but even more questions. Why was Jervis there? How di-

Sofia walks into the trashed bakery, the men following behind her were obviously the fix-it team except one. There was a bald man with odd eyes next to Hugo Strange. I watch with rapt attention as the three converse for a while before the bald man pulls on a wig. Hey, that looks like Os-

I stop my thoughts as I immediately gag, watching the man take on Oscars face. "Face snatcher!" I jump out of my seat, pointing a finger at the grainy footage.


Sofia has Oscar.

No, what will she make Oscar do?

I turn it off quickly and storm out, making sure I had all my guns and ammo. Some help wouldn't hurt.

As I rush to my car, I call the one person I know I can trust outside of Oswald and Edward. The phone barely rings before my Zsaszettes pick up. "We need to find Hugo Strange." I hiss before any of them speak.


"He has something that belongs to me." I hang up and rush out, speeding down the road.

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