Chapter 7

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The time came for my 18th birthday party. I only invited my best friends of course, Crackers, Kitty and Alex. All my other friends rejected me for my kinda of twins birthday party. I was surprised honestly. I sat on the blue couch, waiting. I played games on my phone while waiting, trying to beat Crackers high score in the game. Crackers literally opened the door walking in like it was a normal thing
"Where's Zoe?,Im hungry" she questioned. I looked at her
"She's not coming, sadly, Zoe probably spiked the drinks though" there was a purple balloon on the floor. Jayde- Crackers picked it up, rubbing it against my black hair. I looked at her, starting to poke her arm as she did so
"WHATS UPPP MOTHERFUCKERSSSS!!!" Alex yelled as slamming open the door, quickly rushing over before placing alcohol in the fridge. They began poking me as I poked Crackers and Crackers rubbed the purple balloon against my hair. Kitty just knocked on the door like a normal human being does. We all just ignored it though, like it was a sign for her to come in, and she did come in. 
"what...the fuck?" We all stopped and looked at Kitty.
"Join us" Alex said with a blank expression. Kitty started walking in circles as we all continued. 

We stopped after 2 minutes. My mum came upstairs
"Okay, you girls better be responsible tonight and not burn down my own house" My mother whined
"Milos actually a he/him, and i'm going as a they/them for today, so im a person-"
"Whatever- Sian i'm not going to be here tonight, for I am going to a friends house"
"And hooking up with them...." I glared at her, well of course I know she fucks him and the fact she triggered my dead name. She just stood there awkwardly
"Anyway, i'm leaving. So don't screw up anything!" She growled, walking out of the house closing it the wooden white door.
"You okay Mi-" I smiled
"Yes, of course I am Kitty. I'm just gonna question why it took you longer to come upstairs then Alex, you do live with them" Kitty shrugged
"Maybe because I had to hold the rest of the alcohol, which is in a box" Kitty answered me as she pointed at the box of flavoured vodka she placed on my coffee table.
"Hah! Its funny we're still letting these two underaged kids drink alcohol tonight" Alex said as getting a vodka out of the box, opening it
"Hey! I'm going to drink it if alcohol is supplied!" Crackers declared, "Plusss, me and Kitty are nearly 18 years old! Kitty in like April, which is next month, then my birthday in May"
"True that" Alex replied. Crackers quickly stole a vodka too
"Honestly, we're all a bunch of crackheads, why wouldn't I wanna drink?" Crackers began to drink the watermelon flavoured vodka. I watched, in satisfactory.
"Yeah. I'm going to stay sober" Kitty said

I sat drunkenly on the mattress. The couch pulled out, and two mattresses on the floor. Kitty and Alex were sitting next to each other on the pull out couch, while Crackers sat on the other mattress.
"I drank a litre of apple juice" The drunken Alex said, Kitty giggled, kind of drunk but not
"I-I think Zoe spiked the drinks!" Kitty giggled more, I rested my arms on the side of the pull out couch, my head laying on my arms
"I INHALED MY CHEESE!!!!" Alex screamed as they randomly was sniffing cheese with alcohol in hand. I laughed
"Woahhhh. That must hurt like crazyy" Crackers blurted out
"hehehhehehhehe" I fell onto my back which layed on the mattress and somehow threw a piece of cheese at Alex as I did so. Everything went hazy after that. I think I might've gone a little too drunk and fell asleep.

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