Extraordinary Ordinary Part 6

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Robyn has gone to meet her friend Adam so I have the flat to myself. I'm going to my friend Morgan's 21st birthday party tonight and with Robyn gone I can hog the bathroom as much as I want and decide if my party outfit will be coming out of her wardrobe.

Unfortunately, my sister knows me far too well. There are 'no way' post-its attached to her nicest four dresses and she has locked one shoe from each pair in a suitcase. Damn it.

An hour later there are three shortlisted dresses on my bed, two of which are Robyn's. I try them all on twice and finally settle on one of Robyn's, a beige halter neck Grecian dress with a floaty asymmetric skirt. Robyn has jet black hair so I'm sure that she must look quite striking in this dress, my hair is a coppery brown so while I don't look as striking I still feel that the colour of the dress compliments me well. I try on a pair of brown and gold high heels which go with the dress much better than I expected them to. A look in the full length mirror on my wardrobe door and my mood improves. The dress and shoes look good. Time to take it all off again, have a shower and then start properly getting ready.

At 6.45pm Robyn and Adam storm into the flat.

'Why haven't you been answering your phone?' Robyn shouts to the flat at large to announce her arrival.

I glance over at my mobile. It has no power, I forgot to charge it. I'm in the middle of shouting 'Sorry' when Robyn all but skids into my room.

'Look.' she says, thrusting a magazine at me.

Adam has managed to catch her up and is now standing behind her practically hopping from foot to foot.

I take the magazine. Crap.

I am on the front cover of 'Guess What?!'

I am on the front cover of 'Guess What?!' in my work uniform.

The front cover is just one huge photograph of me clearly arguing with Adrian Axel in front of 'The Barn'. The headline reads;

'The Demanding Barn Girl Who Has Captured Adrian's Axel's Heart.'

I flick through the magazine. There is a two page spread filled with pictures of me and Adrian. Along with the picture of us arguing outside of 'The Barn' , there is a picture of us getting into Adrian's car, an awful one of me obviously getting angry at Adrian's chauffer, a picture of me storming out of China Buffet King , and a picture of our waiter in the candle-filled restaurant.

The two page spread is arranged in a timeline format.

It starts with the picture of us arguing outside of 'The Barn' and the picture of us getting into Adrian's car, the text reads;

'5.15pm-Feisty Brunette who works for 'The Barn' gives Adrian a telling off for being late to pick her up from work.'

Then there is the picture of me and Adrian's chauffeur.

'5.35pm- Barn Girl gets mad at elderly chauffeur.'

After that is the picture of me leaving China Buffet King.

'5.46pm- After only 11 minutes with Adrian, Barn Girl storms out of the restaurant with a large bag of take-away food which she hasn't paid for.'

After that the article goes on to interview our waiter from last night who was obviously delighted to hammer more nails into my coffin. He talks about me being 'moody and unhappy', my 'abrupt exit' , how I told him to charge Adrian for my food, and he goes to great lengths to explain all of the 'time and effort that the China Buffet King staff put into creating a romantic and intimate setting' for my date with Adrian. He then goes on to tell how 'kind-hearted and confused Adrian' sent a very large selection of 'the restaurants top dishes' to me at home and that I 'ungratefully snatched the food and slammed the door'.

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