Part 26

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"Ahhh~" I moan in satisfaction.

On the table, you could see the side of the table filled with messy empty plates and on the other side you see no plates but a single cup of tea.

Zen looks at the Eve's expression and chuckles, finding it very cute.

Eve who forgot that Zen was here, straighten her back and looked at him.

"Sorry, that was very unladylike of me. But, I don't think you really care." I lazily said as I drink the tea.

Zen smiled and chuckle.

"I don't mind, because with you, I find it very cute." He leans on the table with his elbow on the table and his cheek on his palm and smirks.


I flush and shivered at his smirk. Why is he looking at me like that!! What's wrong, my heart?? Why are you beating so fast?!! Is this a heart attack!!?? Am I dying!!? No! I still have more to do!!!

Drowning in my thoughts, I didn't notice Zen paying the waiter and was in front of me, tapping my shoulder and calling my name.

"Eve..." His voice finally reached to me and I looked at him.


Wahh...too close!!

My cheeks flushed and my eyes who can't even look straight into his eyes, closes.

This is the closest I've been with a boy!!!! Plus, a hot one!! heart!!

Zen, who notices her closed eyes and blushes, smiles at her rare expression and goes even closer to her and blows on her face.

I open my eyes and the sudden air and see our nose almost touching. I made eye contact with his eyes and saw a glint of mischief.

Boy, whatcha trying to do!!!!

I quickly found the strength to push him away. I looked at him and blush harder at his smirking.

Damnit! I thought I wasn't going to get infected by Zen!!!

Zen puts on his cold and stone face and held her hand which made her startle like a little girl and headed out of the door to the car.

————Here we are again————

"Ohohoho!! That's my boy!!"

Mr. Jerio shouted as he saw his son teasing the unknown girl and boldly grabbed her hand and went out through the doors.

"Oh my, my, my!! Is this the sign that my great grandchildren's are coming soon!!!" The grandma said in joy as she suddenly has knitted baby gloves and socks.

"We shall asks him if he want an engagement with this girl! Poor or not, she shall be his wife!!!" Mr. Jerio said in determination.

Besides, this was his son's first time taking a beautiful girl on a date! He shall not let this opportunity off!!

And this was the reason why many girls and women want to be his wife because they do not care if they marry a poor or wealthy person as long as there is love between them.

——Back to the main characters——

While Zen was driving, he found Eve really quiet. He asks her many questions which she answered hesitantly. He thought the action he made, made her uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry." He said.


"I'm sorry if the action I made made you uncomfortable." He said.

I widen my eyes as I never thought he would apologize! My mind wonders to the scene. I could still remember his scent...

Ehhhh!!!?? What am I thinking!!

"N-no! It's okay! Don't apologize! It's just I never been close to a man before!!" I blurted out.

Zen widen his eyes.

A man... that's what she thinks of me.

Suddenly, a proud smile came onto his lips.

Never been close to a man before...

He chuckled happily. Eve noticed and frowns.

Hey, you!! It's not funny! You should be glad that I didn't punch your handsome face!!

Zen was still smiling as he drove her to her home.



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