70: Love Rings

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"No peaking!" Scott scolded, wrapping his hands around Mitch's to keep his eyes covered.
"I'm not! Where are we going?"
"We have the best spot for fireworks tonight," Scott replied, gently leading Mitch towards the docks before letting him look.
"A boat?" Mitch looked up, "We're going on a boat to watch the fireworks?"
"And have dinner," Scott kissed his cheek. "And that really fancy wine you like,"
Mitch gasped, "the one that tastes like cake?"
"You know it," Scott peppered kisses along his cheek. "I rented the boat for just us tonight. Well, for the next two hours. It's really expensive to rent for the night."
Mitch smiled, wrapping his arms around Scott's neck. "Thank you. This is so sweet and romantic."
"You are very welcome, my love. Come on, let's go meet the captain."

Mitch smiled as he and Scott ate their dinner and watched the fireworks go off from the beaches shoreline. While Mitch admired the fireworks, Scott took his hand and interlocked their fingers.
Mitch's head snapped his way, "you better not be-"
"I'm not," Scott chuckled. "Not yet, at least."
"Good." Mitch nodded in approvement. "We are far too young to get married,"
"We're also far too young to have two kids, but look where we're at,"
Mitch smiled, "you've got a point there."
"I'm not proposing to you yet," Scott started, reaching into his coat pocket and moving his chair closer to Mitch's. "But we have been talking about getting temporary items of jewelry as promise rings or whatever. So I was at the mall with Wes and Arden a few weeks ago, and I saw this ring at that fancy jewelry place by the food court."
"Yeah, that one. I saw this ring there and it literally screamed at me to buy it for you," Scott opened the velvet box and revealed two shining, matching, rings; their metal catching the boat's lights and earning a gasp from Mitch. "It's called a love ring; the little circle and the dash through it is supposed to symbolize being in a relationship. It's not a wedding ring, but you know how sappy I am and how i love matching things, so I thought this would be cute for us to get."
"Oh Scott," Mitch sighed, "they're beautiful. Baby, they cost so much money. You didn't have to spend that on me,"
Scott shrugged, taking out Mitch's ring and sliding it onto his ring finger. "I wanted to thank you for being such an incredible human and father to our children."
"I love you so much." Mitch cupped Scott's cheeks and dug their kiss in before reaching for Scott's ring. "Give me your hand,"
"Romantic," Scott smiled and held his left hand out, his blue eyes shining brightly as Mitch slid the ring on his finger before interlocking their hands. "There; now we're married, but minus the married labelled part. Do you like it?"
Mitch nodded, his eyes tearing up as he admired their matching rings. He cupped Scott's cheek again and the blonde didn't hesitate on moving closer to meet Mitch halfway for their kiss. When they pulled apart, the brunette had tears streaming down his face.
"Hey, what's wrong?" Scott frowned, wiping Mitch's cheeks with his thumbs. "Mitch?"
Mitch shook his head, "nothings wrong, babe. I— I'm just so happy right now. This is perfect; tonight was perfect. Thank you, Scott. So much."
Scott smiled, "I love you, Mitch."


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