chapter 11: ricotta cheese

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i named this chapter ricotta cheese because ricotta is a few letters away from risotto and this is the risotto doppio chapter

bosu time:
doppio was born in an all female prison and his mom was pregant for 2 years like wtf bro thats not possible and she only got big one day. bruh this is an enemy sTaNdO?!?!???? when doppio was delivered he did not cry at all. "..." he said. no goo goo ga gas this was an abnormal child. the mother obviously couldnt take care of doppio cuz she was in prison so they auctioned off doppio and a priest (not pucci) adopted dopeio. since doppio was vaccinated he got autism and grew a liking forgs.

"omg a frog ilysm uwu." he said. then a truck came by and almost ran over doppio. "hahahhaa stupid kid go fall on ur frog hahaha." the guy in the passenger seat said. "eeeeeee." doppio e'd and they drove away. "awwww froggy ur ok 🥺🥺(that emoji but with smiles instead of sad mouths)." he said. then a girl approached doppio. "oh you're approaching me?? ゴゴゴゴ." doppio said.

(today is literally a horrible day and if u add the numbers of the date 8/13/19 u GET 4 NO FUCKING WONDER IT SUCKS 🅱️rUH)

"i liek frogs too x3." she said. "omg i loev frogs!!!! wanna get a drink xD?" doppo asked. "get my some mineral water from france and buy me the jame charle makeup pallette and thigh high tights and organic vegetables and a big pink vibrating dildo." she said just like trish in chapter 3. "ok :3." doppio said and he banged the girl later that night.
"dururururururu." the pink vibrating dildo rang. "omg i have to answer the phone!!!! beep." doppio said answering the phone.

"bossu!!!! doppio desu."

"doppio whats up my boi????"

"i banged a girl bossu x3."

"say psyche right now."

"haha psyche. but seriously shes pregarnant."


"im so sowwy bossu is dewe anything i can do

"kill ur priesty daddy and ur mom and also light the entire town on fire and escape and fake ur death."

"ok got it bossu (*≧∀≦*). beep."

then doppio set the town on fire and he and his priest daddy were on the deceased list bUT HE LIVED.

"eyyyy buddy lemme tell u ur fortune." a fortune teller in sardinia said. "no thx thats all bs." doppio said. "sardinia is ur city and ur looking for someone." he said. "omg how did u know??.?" dopo asked the fortune man. "i can tell by the splat of mud on ur pants." the fortune teller said. "oh yeah that's totally mud and not shit i totally didnt shit myself on thr strreet that would be embarasing." doppio said. "i can also tell that u have 2 personalities!!!." the man said. "ok now ur making me angery now die cuz u found my identitty😡😡😡😡
\\\٩(๑'^'๑)۶////." doppio said and shanked the fortune teller in the back alley of a building.

then doppio got in a taxi and the dude over priced him. "brO i dont have that much moneyyy." doppio said. "u little shit gimme money!!!. i saw u hid an envelope in ur pocket so gimme moneyyy!!" the taxi driver said. then he looked in it and it was empty. "naw man i told u i dont have mo- duruururururu." then doppios phone rang. "durururuurr wHRES THE PHONE MY WIFE IS CALLING!? durururuuru." doppio said. "oH MY GOSH U HAVE A CAR PHONE u lair smh 😡." doppio said. "beep."

"oh hey bossu waddup."

"dont shank the taxi driver he didnt see the trish nudes that will totally reveal my identity."

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