Bounce Back, Author's Note

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This is book which contains mature themes. There are mentions of rape, domestic abuse, assault, and mental health (including references to self harm and suicide). There is no great detail on any of these, but they are contained within the story and they are a part of the MC's backstory. If you struggle with any of these concepts or find that they are hard to read, I respect your decision not to read this book. I don't want to make readers uncomfortable.

This book also contains cursing. It will appear in a lot of chapters because that's the type of characters which are in this book. There are verbal insults, cursing in anger, and generally throwing the f-bomb in sentences. It's not a mature story, but cursing is a part of most people's language and it is used in daily life.

The chapters will either be in Danielle's or Lukas' POV. There will probably be more from Danielle than Lukas because I find writing a male POV difficult, especially when it comes to trying to capture their emotions. I will try to make their POV's flow with the story and ensure that they interconnect with each other.

This is a slow building, slow moving romance story. The MCs are two entirely different people with entirely different backgrounds. They will clash, of course, and it's not going to be an easy ride. The female MC may appear weak, but she makes the decisions which she thinks are best for her, and the male MC may appear to be cold asshole, but he is protecting himself. I have specifically created these two different characters in this way, and I would appreciate any constructive criticism a reader may have on either character.

This story is mine and is copyright protected. The story, characters and plotline are all mine. Don't copy, steal or otherwise try to claim any aspect of this story as your own.

Finally, happy reading and I hope you enjoy the book. 

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