Chapter 24

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"Fiona, huh?" Camilla remarked, picking her pace up to match Benji. He nodded, not much emotion going through to the other girl though. 

"Yeah, there wasn't much of a selection, was there."

"No kidding. I just feel bad, I mean she was so nice." This only made Benji rethink his choices even more.

"Look, Camilla, stop making me feel even more guilty. I feel bad just thinking about trapping her in a lifeless marriage." He scratched the back of his neck, not meeting her eyes once.

"You don't need to follow through with this Benji..." Camilla's tone changed into more of a pity feeling, understanding where Benji was coming from. But the prince just shook his head.

"No. I need to." And with those four words, Benji stormed off, unsure as to why he was so upset. His mind knew all along it had to happen, and the quicker it was over, the quieter the palace would be. It could be a type of therapy. Maybe help forget about Jorge a little. I mean, it's not like he could continue anything they're doing. Even the other boy knew that. 

Nora had left immediately after, not even staying for lunch. Which meant it was the afternoon, and he was required to meet Fiona to finish the entire selection off. Exhaling probably the deepest breath Benji had taken before, he knocked on Fiona's room door, repeating the action he took for Nora. Even though it was just a knock, it felt like so much more to Benji. Every step he took felt like the door to his open and free life was shutting right in front of him, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. It was painful. The two greeted each other and departed from Fiona's room, heading up the stairs. They previously agreed on being together on the roof under an umbrella the servants set up. Without him noticing, Benji's heart started to race, and his hand shook as he walked. The prince couldn't deny, he was nervous. Even though it was for a stupid reason. 

"So, are we up here for a certain reason?" Fiona asked as they reached the area that looked over the entire palace. It would be quite beautiful to Benji if it wasn't under these circumstances.

"Well, as you know, you and Nora were the last ones remaining. I sent Nora home this morning, it just wasn't working out."

"What about Camilla?" They stood facing eachother, and Benji could see a confused expression cling to her face. 

"She has a boyfriend back in Sweeden. Plus, I couldn't imagine dating her. So now you're left. So I have something to ask you." Benji pulled all the fake happiness he could from every inch of his body, and opened his mouth to ask the one question that could ruin his life.

"Will you be my wife?" 

There was a pause between him and Fiona.



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