Chapter 2

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I wake up to Dinah's light snores again, they actually sound kind of adorable. Yet I have to get up and make breakfast, knowing Normani is usually sleeping pretty long and all the others are either too lazy to prepare breakfast, or order Pizza. I quickly unwrap Dinah's Strong Arms around me and get into the Bathroom next to her Bedroom, Washing the now dried Tear streaks off my Face. It was stupid to think the Nightmares wouldn't be there just because I was sleeping all cuddled up in Dinah's Arms. I mean I didn't have a panic attack this time, but they still were there and thank God Dinah is such a heavy sleeper so she wouldn't wake up to my crying. The Girls finding out is the last thing I need.

"Good Morning.", Four grumpy Voices Mutter once their owners enter the Kitchen after some time. Lauren grunts tiredly Before I Feel her Arms tightly wrapped around me and her Head resting on mine. "I got breakfast.", I say with as much happiness in my Voice as I can manage, and both, Camila and Dinah, immediately shoot their Head up to look at me with a big Grin. "What is it?", Mani Asks and joins the Hug as well, making me slightly shrink down under their weight and size. I do hope Dinah won't join as well or they will bury me in between them even more. "Pancakes, Eggs and grilled Cheese.", I answer, knowing it was their favorite. I feel both, Mani and Lauren pressing a kiss to each side of my Head before releasing me again, muttering a tired but thankful 'thank you'. They all head to get their Food, while I claim I'd have already eaten something before.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I shoot up with a Scream, Tears Running down my Face once again. Another Nightmare, now even more terrifying than others. Leave the Group you fat don't fit in...shrimp all those words from my Dream come back into my Mind, making me sob and pull my Knees close to my Chest. "Ally?", I faintly hear Camila's Voice, I look up and see them all sitting around me, a concerned look on their Face. Oh god I woke them up in the Middle Of The Night! I'm such a bad friend! Why can't I just once be quiet? I didn't even realize when they came in. They all coo at me and wipe away my Tears, pulling me into their Laps and hugging me tightly. I fist my Hand into Dinah's Sweatshirt, given it's the closest form of comfort I have right now. They caress my Head and Cheeks, but it's like I'm numb to the touch, numb to the Feeling, as I continue sobbing, the Voices now louder than ever. You stupid pig...Troy was right-who would ever want someone as fat and ugly as you...look at us and then at you, you just don't fit deserved it the Voices are now louder than the ones of the Girls around me, making me Wimper and cry even more, fisting Dinah's shirt that tight that my Knuckles even turn white. I hear her Muttering something to Mani, Camila and Lauren, but I can't make out what it is, wailing at the angry and mean voices in my Head.

I hear Dinah's faint 'shh's' in attempt to calm me down, just before I feel myself being lifted up, her Right Hand holding me securely at my Bottom while the Other One is wrapped around my Waist. I suddenly notice my Wet-or should I say soaked Pants and begin crying and sobbing even harder, knowing that I must have wet the Bed once again because of my Dream, and this Time Dinah, and probably also the others noticed! I cough a few times, not getting to breath through all the cries, yet Dinah seems pretty calm for someone that's holding their crying Friend that apparently had wet Themself. "Shht you're all good Little One.", She coos and gently kisses my Forehead, for once her Voice is louder than the horrible Voices, making me calm down at least a little bit, yet nowhere near actually being calm and steady again. I can't think straight anymore. They will hate me and force me to leave the Group! They will laugh at me and forbid me to be their friend and they won't love me anymore! I'm just so much work as a Friend and I wouldn't be mad at them for pushing me out of their Lives. I don't know when it happened, but suddenly Dinah and me are In the Bathroom, The Bathtub already being filled with water and Bubbles, making the whole Room smell like Coconut and Honey. She gently pats my Bottom, making me calm down a little before she sets me on the Counter, making me Whimper and stretch my Hands out for her again. The Voices are coming back again and so do my Cries. Bitch...shrimp..shorty..fat slut there are so much of them. I get ripped out of my Thoughts again as Dinah puts off my Shirt and Shorts, seemly Not bothered by my wiggling, attempting to stop her. Once I'm completely nude I just Whimper and cry more, making her coo softly and kiss my Forehead again. She sets me into the Soothing Warm Tub, but I can't calm down. Tears continue to fall and the Voices gain at Loudness. My Vision blurs from the Tears already as I try reaching for Dinah. I feel myself being lifted up again before back down, now laying on Dinah's Lap, who went fully clothed into the Bathtub with me and is now rubbing circles on my Stomach, which finally makes the Voices go quiet again. "Shht you're all good Allybee.", She says and kisses my Head before she starts washing my Body-beginning with the Arms. Suddenly I become aware of the Situation we're both in and Blush bright red, my Lip quivering at the Thought Of being so clingy and Forcing Dinah to get into the Tub with her clothes on. "Shht no Tears anymore Allybee.", She says and pulls me close to her, careful that the warm water and the bubbles don't get higher than my Shoulders, so I wouldn't swallow any Water. I calm down a little and move to turn around to her. Yet, I quickly bury my Face in her Neck so I won't have to Face her now. I probably look horrible right now. I shift uncomfortably at the Thought of Dinah seeing my ugly body and those ugly marks now. We've all seen our Bodies already, given on Tour we sometimes had to share Rooms or had to shower together because there wasn't much time left. "Shht just let us take care of you Baby.", I hear Dinah Mutter against my Shoulder Just before my Eyelids Fall closed again and I let sleep take over me.

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