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Irony rears its ugly head
When they take your lifted spirit
And shove it down the abyss of damnation
Yet glare at you in disdain
Accusing you of always being so down

Irony is in its cruelest nature
When they interrupt your beaming smile
With heart wrenching words of scorn
Yet taunt you to the fragile core
For wearing an eternal frown

Irony struts in in its shameless glory
When they reach into your open heart
Greedily snatching its soothing warmth
Yet continuously curse you
When exposed to the chill of your soul

Irony is duly noted,
When they keep adding fuel to your flickering spark,
But cower in surprise and agony,
When a newly born raging inferno,
Diverges from the the depths of your mediocrity,
To prove revenge isn't only best served cold.
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