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Your body shook as the thunder crashed once again. You jumped and curled up closer to Ashley who was sound asleep next to you. You were too scared to sleep though. You had a huge fear of thunderstorms and you could never sleep well when there was one outside.

You jumped again when the thunder crashed even louder than before. You pulled the covers over your head and whimpered quietly, trying so hard not to wake up Ashley but you were starting to get more and more freaked out.

The covers were pulled off of your head before Ashley sat up and pulled you in between her legs. "shh y/n, it's okay. I'm here." The thunder made the house shake from how strong it was and you turned around to bury your face in Ashley's soft sweater. You felt her hand rub up and down your back as she hummed softly in your ear. "You've got nothing to be afraid of baby, I'm right here with you."

Your grip on her sweater was tight but she didn't care about that. She just cared about making you feel safe and calm. She wanted you to know that she was right there with you. She started to sing your favorite song in your ear. She felt your grip on her sweater loosen as you started to relax, her arms wrapped around you tightly bringing you an endless amount of comfort. "I love you so much. I've got you. You're safe." She pressed a kiss to your head and ran her fingertips along the curve of your spine. "Love you so much Ash." You whispered and she smiled before kissing your head again.

The thunder continued to crash loudly, sometimes louder than before but you didn't really notice. You felt safe in Ashley's arms. You knew she'd never let anything hurt you. You ended up falling asleep a little while later, staying in that exact same position till the next morning when you woke up to sunshine and Ashley's soft lips on your skin. She'd always be there to keep you safe.

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