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chan stood there, panic taking over his body. he was wearing nothing but a black t-shirt and grey sweatpants, with shoes and socks of course, and he was about to knock on the apartment door.

why was he even here? why did he want to see minho so badly? he insulted him and accused him of being a slut. minho hurt chan. so, why was he here? it's not like he still had any kind of feeling towards the younger. besides annoyances, of course.

finally gathering enough courage, he softly knocked three times before waiting patiently. it didn't take longer than three seconds for jisung to viciously open the door and hug chan as tight as his body would let him.

struggling to breath, chan hugged the younger back. "channie i missed you so much~" jisung whimpered, pulling away and resting his hands on chan's shoulders.

chan smiled fondly at this. "i missed you, too, jisungie. do you know where minho is?" he asked calmly, though his voice wavered in worry just a bit.

jisung smiled and invited him in, closing the door after. "he's in his room. down the hall, last door on the right. you'll find him there~" jisung said as he disappeared.

nodding silently, chan slowly made his way down the hall. his whole body was shaking as he stood in front of minho's door.

he stood there for a good five minutes before softly knocking twice. "go away, jisung. i told you i don't have your damn cookies." minho responded, voice slightly muffled.

"it's not jisung, minho." chan responded loud and clear. if he wanted to make this simple and not seem like a pushover, he'd have to act tough and unfazed. he'd have to take control of the situation and put minho in his place.

suddenly the door opened to reveal a bit of a very messy and shocked minho. the door was cracked so there was only so much he could see.

chan stood there, blank expression, before pushing the door open and stepping inside, closing it behind him. "chan what the fu-" minho started, but was cut off with a slap to the face.

"don't you fucking dare. i didn't come here to argue. i didn't come to start a fight, either. i came to negotiate and settle shit. i just want to try and get things back to before." chan said calmly, sucking in a breath through his nose.

minho stared at him, shocked. he opened his mouth to say something, but no words came out. not even a sound. "what? too much of a pussy to say anything?" chan spat, an evident smirk on his face.

his posture and attitude made it seem like chan had changed. maybe he became more dominant and now a coward. however, that couldn't be more wrong. he was still the vulnerable little boy trapped inside this man's body.

"n-no.. i-i mean- okay. we can negotiate." minho choked out. chan nodded and looked around minho's room. blue walls, twin size bed. it was nothing special. what caught chan's attention was the mess.

clothes scattered everywhere, trash littering the floor, and even stuffed animals were all over the place. "nice room. very clean." chan mumbled, looking around.

minho rolled his eyes, scoffing. "if i would've known you were coming i would've cleaned it up." minho replied bitterly, shoving off some of the dirty clothes and trash off of his bed.

chan sighed. "if i told you i was coming you wouldn't have let me in." he said, taking a seat beside minho. "i can help you clean up. then we can talk. sound good?"

the younger was silent before nodding. "yeah. sounds good." he replied, barley over a whisper.

"then let's get started."

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