A Silent Prayer : Chapter 23: SOMETHING NEW

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I wake up around eleven in the morning. I've never slept so late in my life. I remember waking from a dream in the middle of the night, but it was not a nightmare. It was the first time in five years I'd slept alone without a nightmare, when Adam was not around. I'd been lost in the dark woods, and Adam had rescued me from the darkness.

Is it a message from God? Is He sending Adam to protect me?

I know Adam is not a guy to believe in relationships. He hardly believes in God. But still, I am spellbound and captivated by his presence. I slip out of bed and plug in my phone, which has been switched off since I left the training session after lunch. There are a few unread messages.

The first one is from Ethan Murray. I roll my eyes in frustration as I read it.

You have cast a spell on this poor man with your angelic beauty. You left without saying a word. Is that one of the characteristics of an enchantress?

I delete his cheesy message without even thinking. The second message is from Mike, which brings a smile to my face.

Hey, girl! Still in Edmonton? Dad told me you would be back on Saturday. Can we dine out together? A movie or bowling? I am off duty on Saturday evening and all yours. Love ya!

Mike will never stop showering his love on me—his messages are always like this. And I guess I am used to it. There is a message from Adam also, sent around 4 a.m. That was the same time I woke up from my dream.

Sorry I couldn't be there for you. Somehow, tonight, I felt if I'd stay with you, I would let my demon win. I was trying to protect you from it.

He was awake at 4 a.m.? Thinking about me?

Tons of questions juggle in my mind. I decide it's better to respond to the message, than create more questions in my brain. I plan to call Mike after breakfast and as for Adam, I think hard what to write.

Your soul defeated your demon last night. I didn't have any nightmares. It was your soul, who met mine in the dream. Thank you.

I put my phone down and head to the washroom. Five minutes later, I hear my phone ringing. I rush out and check the ID to find Adam's name.

"Hi, good morning." His sweet voice comes as soon as I accept the call.

"Good morning or afternoon, whatever." I giggle. "How are you?"

"Never been so good. You dreamt about me, last night?" His voice is heavy from sleep, and I sense he is still in bed. My text must have woken him.

"Yes. No nightmares, surprisingly."

"What did you dream?"

"I was lost in the dark woods and you came from nowhere and led me out of them." Adam doesn't say anything. I hear him breathing.

"Adam? Are you there?"

"Yes, I am."

"What is it, then?"

"I dreamed the same thing, and woke up in the middle of the night and texted you without thinking."

We both are silent. I don't remember who hung up first, but neither of us said anything, not even good-bye.

After my breakfast, I call Mike to return his message.

"Somebody has got her memory back?" He sounds excited to hear from me.

"How are you, Mike?"

"I am good. On a duty, though," he says dryly. "We have a lot to talk about, Rania. I was wondering if we could meet. It's been a while." He's right. It has been a while. He was in Calgary for three months, and the day he came back was the day I met Adam for the first time. With Adam around all the time, I never got a chance to talk to my best friend properly. But he is asking about tonight. I know if I don't go with Adam, then he won't see his mother.

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