A Silent Prayer : Chapter 17: FLOWERS

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A ray of sunlight hits me in the eyes and I awaken. The first thing I notice: Adam, sleeping next to me. I held his hand under my face the whole night and he didn't complain, even for a single moment. I wonder how two people, emotionally so close to each other, can have a chaste relationship, sacred and based on trust and friendship. I always thought Mike was my best friend, but when I look at Adam, I see a man who is sincere and loyal to me. Our relationship is free of lust and carnality, which is helping us to flourish and grow together in a circle of hope and belief. I never thought I would find a man who would promise to protect me even in my sleep, without harming me physically and emotionally.

I gaze at his charming face. I cannot deny that I am attracted and captivated by his physical appearance. Is it too soon to fall for him? If he ever tries to become physically close to me, will I refuse, or is this something I am also craving? Is it okay to flow with his emotions, or is he just forbidden fruit for me? I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and slip out of bed smoothly, not disturbing his sleep.

After my regular washroom trip, I decide to explore the hotel until Adam wakes up. I put on some jeans and go down to the main level. It is a beautiful morning in Edmonton; the room looks even brighter and more welcoming in daylight. I take my room card and handbag, and head for the lobby. It is warm, paneled in beautiful dark wood, with lots of people from business and political backgrounds. I check out a few stores beside the lavish lobby, which give me the idea of buying something for Adam. He deserves a show of gratitude, though no words, no gift, could repay what he has done for me.

I have no idea what to purchase for him, as he has everything. After an hour of searching, I end up in a jewelry and gift shop and decide to buy a silver photo frame. They offer engraving, so I order a message to be etched onto the frame. I hope Adam likes it. I also buy cufflinks for him and get his initials engraved on them.

When they hand me my finished photo frame, it looks empty, so I ask them if they have printing facilities so I can add a picture to highlight the frame and my feelings for him. The store people are generous enough to offer all kinds of services, without hassle. I check the time on the giant wall clock and realize Adam will be looking for me, if he wakes up to find me gone. I thank the store manager and head toward the elevator.

When I enter the room, Adam has his phone in one hand, and the other hand tangled in his hair.

"Here she is. I will talk to you later." He snaps the phone shut as soon as I step in. "Where the hell were you?" He looks tense and worn out.

"Is everything okay?"

"I woke up and couldn't find you. I searched everywhere in the hotel, asked people at the reception desk, but no one knew where you were." He's breathing hard from distress.

"You could have called me." I try to calm the tension between us.

"You left your damn phone on the table. There was no way I could find you. Where were you, Rania?" His tone is harsh, but I sense worry in his voice.

"I went out for a walk—"

"Why didn't you wake me up?"

"You were sleeping, Adam. Why would I wake you?"

"I thought you ran away." He shakes his head in misery and sits on the couch. I put my bag down and sit next to him.

"Why would I run away?"

"I don't know. I thought I might have done something wrong. You acted so strange last night." He is still agitated and his words are acting like a strong heat, melting my frozen heart. I want to tell him I went to buy something for him to express my feelings, but I also wanted to surprise him with my gift before we leave for our musical evening.

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