Ch 1: The arrival of Sunfire

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Everything was dark except for a faint orange glow. Hiro ears were ringing, but he could still hear the sound of sirens from fire trucks, and ambulances as they arrived at the devastating scene. His face, hands, and legs were burned, and stung with persistent pain from the explosion.

    With the only strength left in his body he sat up and stared into the hypnotic blaze that engulfed the building where minutes ago he was presenting his Micro Bots which guaranteed his college entry; Minutes ago where his older brother Tadashi was cheering him on. Tadashi... Panic flooded his body, as he recalled the last words his brother had said to him,  before he himself ran into the flames to help his professor, "Someone has to help...." Tears streamed down Hiro's face "TADASHI!"

    Hiro jumped and quickly sat up in his chair almost falling out of it. He sighed rubbed his eyes, It was just a dream, he thought trying to calm himself down. After taking a few deep breaths Hiro looked around, realizing he fell asleep in the garage again while working on new upgrades for Him, Baymax, and his friends suits. After what they went through last week, he thought it would be good to make some adjustments before facing that flaming villain again. This guy was the real deal, they hadn't met an evildoer that could hold there own against them single handily like that since Callaghan.

                         One week early....

    "Ok ok ok but come on you have to admit that the name is pretty awesome!" Fred exclaimed while stuffing his face with a donut. "Whatever you say nerd." Gogo replied leaning back in her chair. "Look whose talking we're all nerds!" Honey lemon smiled, "I agree with Freddie I like Big Hero 6! It has a nice ring to it!" "See! Honey gets it! What about you guys? Wasabi, Hiro?" Fred said excitedly. "Yeah its cool I guess..." answered Wasabi, more focused on his phone. "And what about you Hiro?"Asked Honey lemon in a sweet tone. "I like it! But its still weird to think that people think we're superheroes..." "Weird more like AMAZING!" Fred cried nearly jumping out of his seat.

    The five of them usually meet up for lunch after classes to hangout. It was peaceful that day, the sound of rain against the windows of Aunt Cass's cafe, the quiet chitchat of the other patrons. The smell of freshly brewed coffee. Hiro sat thinking to himself as his friend went on talking. It had  been a year since defeating Callaghan and rescuing his daughter. However everything still seemed so fresh. San Fransokyo viewed the group of college students as heroes and from then on ,and thats what they became. Stoping crime and saving lives. They all enjoyed their new double lives, but it was obvious who loved it the most.

"So it's decided then are new team name is Big Hero 6!" Fred tried saying in a cool announcer's voice. "I still can't believe we're just now deciding a group name." Gogo said popping her gum. "Yeah well we haven't had the time to sit down really talk about this stuff.... you know with school and all." Honey lemon replied. "Hey guys i really think you should check this out." Interrupted Wasabi while hold out his phone. It was the news reporting live video of what seemed be a fire, it was spreading though out a chain of stores on south street, not to far from where they were eating.

     It looked as if the firemen on the scene were having a hard time, and civilians were trapped inside. And with one look they were all out the door. It was luck Hiro had just made Baymax's charging station into a portable backpack so they'd always be ready for this sort of thing. After getting suited up they all made it just in time. Using her purse Honey Lemon created H2O balls to throw into the windows of the burning complexes. Wasabi helped clear the debris to make a clear path for the firemen to get inside. Hiro and Baymax flew to the upper levels of the building, that could not be reached, and rescued people from there. Gogo and Fred helped get the injured, to the medical professionals stand by.

     "Is everyone out!?" Called Gogo to Hiro. Baymax scanned the buildings and no signals were showing, "Yes that everyone!" He called back to her, then headed back down. Baymax assisted with helping the injured while the rest of them talk to the store managers and other employees.  "What happened to cause the fire?" Gogo asked the group sternly. A young girl covered in soot answered, "The....there was this guy he....he just...." "Wait you're say a person started the fire?" Honey Lemon questioned placing her hand on the girls back to comfort her. "He just exploded!" She replied sounding shaken.

    "Exploded? What do you mean by that? Hiro said still watching the flames. "This gang of men came into rob our convenience store, one of the masked men told everyone to get down, but this guy, he didn't." Chimed in another guy who was be treated by Baymax, "After the rest of those hoodlums got in his face and pulled a gun on him he burst into flames! Not long after that the whole build went up..." None of them could believe what they were hearing, "So what your saying is this guy set himself on fire?" Wasabi asked confused. "Yes the fire just shot out of his hands! I saw it!" Utter one of the managers while take off his glasses to rub his eyes that stung from the smoke.

    "Woah! You mean like some sort of super-powered fire bad guy!" Fred replied recalling some comics book he read that had fiery villains. "No no there has to be another explanation for this...." said Honey lemon, "People don't just magically shoot fire...." "Look! Over there! Thats him there he goes!" Exclaimed the shaken up girl as she pointed to a man dressed in jeans and a black hoodie that concealed his face. Realizing he had been discovered he ran down the street and back in an alley. "Come on!" Ordered Hiro as he ran in the direction of the mysterious man.

     The five of them chased after him, leaving Baymax to tend to the wounded. They quickly caught up to the man cornering him at the end of an alley. "There's nowhere else to run!" Gogo called to him, "Might as well give yourself up!" The man turned to face them he had on a face mask that covered his mouth and nose but still reviled his eyes, his left eye was glowing a bright yellow like a hot ember. What is this guy? Hiro thought to himself.

   Just like described by the store employees, the man's hands began to glow and then bursted into flames. He must have realized that there was nowhere to run, Hiro thought. "Guess we're in for a fight! Get ready!" Gogo called to the others as she stuck her gum to her helmet. "Time to fight fire with fire!" Fred cried launching toward the flaming villian. Fire erupted from Fred's suit's mouth, however the man countered the attack shooting flames from his hands. Coming up from behind Wasabi slice through a dumpster, kicking one half at the mysterious villian. With seconds to spare the villian jumped up into the air, fire coming from the bottom of his feet giving him an extra boost, melting the souls of his shoes. "Now i did not see that coming!" Wasabi said in surprise.

   Falling back the ground the man shot more flames towards the group.  Hiro kept his distance trying to come up with a plan to beat this guy. He could see his friends were starting to panic, he needed to think fast. Honey Lemon especially looked fearful, she was ducked behind the other half of the dumpster, typing up something on her periodic purse seconds later a turquoise ball popped out. Waiting for an opening she threw the ball with full force towards the villian. The villian shot flames back at the ball. "WAIT! NO THAT WASN'T!!!!-" Honey Lemons warning was cut off by a explosion sending them all flying back.

   Hiro laid on his back stunned, he was blown back into the street. Firemen still at the scene rushed over to help. Dark memories flooded the boys mind as this situation became extremely familiar. He tried to get up but his body wouldn't let him, he was paralyzed from the shock. Lifting his head he peared in to the alley lit up in a blaze. No! Honey lemon, Fred, Gogo, Wasabi! Please be ok! A few moments later Hiro sighed a breath of relief, seeing the marshmallow like robot carrying all of his friends in his arms. He laid them down a safe distance from the fire, and paramedics came to take a look at them.

    "I'm sorry! I'm so so sorry!" Honey lemon repeated over and over again, as she covered her face with her hands. "I didn't mean for that to happen! The compound i made contained ethanol, which is high flammable! I wasn't thinking straight! I'm sorry! Tears streamed down her face. "It's ok it... was just a mistake we're all fine." Wasabi reassured her putting his hand on her shoulder. Besides minor burns the six of them made it out fine, however there was no trace of the firey villian.

-Part 2 Coming out soon!-

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