Chapter 34: Alpha's Confession

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I know you miss Danielle's/ Xander/ Sky and Shine's POV so here it is!!!! Man I'm on fire today!!!! Please do like it...


Danielle's POV:

After a shopping date with the girls aka Me, Shine, Xaria and Brier, We all agree that Brier will head first so she could get ready for her date and us three, well lets just say we're all sitting in the couch watching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire with our loving boyfriends who won't stop hugging us.

I mean Shine was sitting on Knight's lap while Knight's arm were wrapped around Shine's waist and Xaria's head was resting on Darylle's shoulder while his right arm are around Xaria's waist and his left hand was holding her hand.

Oh yeah Me and Sky you ask?.... Well since the couch was so big, it could fit like 10 person, I was sitting inbetween his legs while his arm were wrapped around me.. could you even imagine our position?

Oh yeah.... how about Jaden, Trevor and Kyle you ask?

well... They are on patrol duty!!! Actually they volunteer on Patrol Duty, it was suppose to be Knight, Darylle and Sky's Shift but I don't know what came up to those three to volunteer.

Our Movie was interrupted when  Jaden, Trevor, Kyle bursting inside the pack house, sweating!!!!


"Where!" Sky growled as we both stand up!

" Near our boarder" Trevor said.

The guys looked at each other and nodded. Before Sky could open his mouth I interrupt him.

" We're coming with you and no you can't say No!" I said grabbing my bow and arrow and my bag

Hey I just watch Hunger Games!! So I wanna be like Katniss and by the way my last name is Everdyn..

I know that they can see my eagerness so they just agree.. Yeah! Fist Pump Guys!!!

" Ok! but you have to stay close to me!" Sky said

" Fine with me!"

With that we all went outside and shift, well except for me and head to where they smell the rogues.

" Where are they?" Knight asked one of the warriors

" We smell them near our boarder but we couldn't see them" the warrior replied.

Suddenly we heard a twig that got step on near the trees and quickly everyone turn to where we heard the sound and got on fighting stance.

Everyone was on alert waiting to know who or what was behind the tree. The Rogues smell became even stronger and stronger which means that they are very close. Everyone was about to attack when

" Wait!" I shout knowing that I saw someone familiar.

The view became even clearer and what a shocked when we all saw Ranz, Eddie, Brandon, Helius, Mark and Ash.

Ok so we are already inside the pack house asking them what happen and why do they smell rogues cause right now half of the warriors are with us already in the fighting position

" Ok just listen to me first! I'll explain everything!" Ranz said

" Ok! Here's how it goes!" as he took a deep breath





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