Chapter 1

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(__) POV

It was just another day at Sabaody Archipelago. While I was walking around I happened to stubble across a loud bar. I walked inside and headed straight for the bar to order some food. I noticed that many of the men who weren't distracted stared at me as I walked. Some of them yelled cat calls at me from across the room. Once I told the barkeeper my order he left to prepare it. I waited patiently for a short while before he came back with me order. In the middle of eating I turned around and noticed a group of guys gambling. I walked over to them to watch them play. When they noticed me they asked if I wanted to play.

"I would love to play but I don't know how, could you guys show me?" I asked innocently.
"Aww sure we don't mind. You just need to have some beli to play." One of the guys said.
"Oh really thank you so much." I replied smiling sweetly at them. I took a seat next to one of the the guys. They started to show me how to play the game. Everyone that was once staring at me went back to their own thing except for two guys.

I notified that a guy with spiky red hair and purple lipstick was staring at me as well as the blonde guy next to wearing a mask. Pretending to be focusing on the game I listened in on what they were whispering about.
"Damn she hot but kind of dumb to walk in here when a bunches of pirates are at." The red haired guy said.
"Maybe she doesn't know who we are?" The guy in the mask said.
"Maybe!" He laughed.
"Aww man I lost and now I don't have any beli." I pouted.
"If you still wanna play I can give some money." Of the guys I was playing with said.
"I can too." Another one said. Next thing I know all the guys at the table were offering me some money.
"Is it really okay?" I asked worriedly receiving a nod from everyone at the table. "Thank you so much!" I said immediately perking up. We continued to have more rounds. Then at the last round I decided that it was time to play for real. I bet everything that I had and without any of the noticing I cheated using the cards hidden under my sleeve.

"Yay I won!!!" I said excitedly.
I put all the money that I won into a bag and headed outside the bar. All of the gamblers eyes watched me with shock as I walked away. While I was walking from the bar I felt someone grab my wrist.
"Who the hell do you think you are coming in here and taking our money like that?" The red haired guy from earlier said clearly annoyed.
"I'm not sure what you're talking about? Can you please let me go?" I said innocently.
"Like hell I will, give me the money back first." He replied. When he didn't let me go I let out a long sigh.
"Sorry about this." I say quietly.
"Sorry about wh-!" He was interrupted when I suddenly grabbed his wrist and flipped him over. The moment I was out of his grasp I ran away as fast I could to the nearby alley. Then I moonwalked up onto the roof of a nearby building.
"Where the hell did she go?" The red guy said annoyed.
"Phew that was close." I said to myself as I started to run away jumping from building to building.
"At least I got a good amount of beli out of this." I said smiling at the bag of money in my hand. When I thought I was far enough away I jumped down landing softly on the ground.

"I think I earned a reward. Time for a shopping spree." I thought to myself.
I walked into the nearest clothing store picking up everything that I liked. Once I was done with this story I went to another. I went straight to the cashier to buy the clothes however while waiting for the cashier to put my clothes in the bag I noticed that two guys where staring at me. I took a look at them to find their faces blushing when our eyes made contact. Both of the guys were wearing baggy white jumpsuit with a jollyrodger on their left chest. All of a sudden an idea popped into my mind that included those guys. Once the cashier finished putting my clothes in the shopping bags he handed them to me and I left the store.

Once I was close enough to the guys that were staring at me I pretended to trip and land on the guy with a Penguin hat chest.
"I'm so sorry." I said apologetically as I remained on his chest.
"Are you okay?" The guy with red hair and sunglasses asked.
"I'm fine I'm just tired from carrying all these bags. My arms can hardly carry it they get heavy after a while." I said as I finally got off the guys chest only to find his nose bleeding.
"We can help carry your bags." The guy with the penguin hat said as he whipped his nose.
"I don't want to be a bother though." I said a cute way making them blush even more. This is great my plan is going perfectly.
"It's no problem at all." They said as they reached for the bags I was holding.
"Thank you so much!"
Afterwards I continued my little shopping spree giving all my bags to the guys behind me. As we were walking around I heard someone shout out at my direction.

"Penguin, Shachi, what the hell are you two doing? We were suppose to meet a while ago." A mysterious guy asked. I turned my head around at the source of the voice. The guy was wearing a mushroom like hat with spots on it and a yellow and black jacket with the same jollyrodger as the other two guys. Next to him was a cute polar bear standing on all fours. I had to amount that the guy standing in front of me was pretty cute. You stared at his eyes silver eyes and he stared at my (e/c) ones. However I didn't allow my thoughts on him to distract me from my facade.

"Why do you have all those bags?" He asked stepping up to them.
"These aren't ours captain." The guy with red hair said.
"They're mine." I said stepping out from behind the two guys.
"Who are you?" He asked giving me a cold look.
"I'm sorry if I kept them away from you. They were helping me out with all my bags." I said.
"I don't appreciate you using my crew for you shopping spree." He replied.
"Okay, I'll stop dragging the around let me just go to one more place." I said but before he even had a chance to say or do anything I pushed the two guys that were holding my things by their backs and ran away. Eventually we reached Rip-off bar. Once there they put all my stuff down before getting ready to leave.

"Thanks so much for helping me with all my stuff, but I feel like I got you in trouble with your captain." I said sadly at the end.
"On no don't worry everything will be fine." The guy in the penguin hat said blushing.
"Plus this was totally worth." The red head said before the said goodbye and left.
"You have them wrapped around your finger." A certain black haired women said to me after they left.
"It was just to easy. I tricked some pirates out of there money and went shopping without having to carry one bag." I said happily.
"You know one day karma is going to come and get you bad." Shakky said.
"Yeah, yeah." I said waving her aside as looked at all the new clothes I had. Then out of nowhere someone barged into the bar.
"(__) you're here, perfect." I certain old man said.
"You don't happen to have some money on you?"
He asked.
"Gramps please don't tell me you spent it all. That was suppose to be for our drinking fest tonight." I said worriedly.
"That's my bad." I looked at him with disbelief. Because of him we are now broke. I already spent all the money I earned today on these clothes. What am I doing to do? Then me and Gramps shared a look at each other before smirking. I turned around and got up from my place on the floor. I looked at Shakky with pleading eyes.
"Please give us some money." I begged.
"You just got some today." She replied.
"Yeah but I spent it all already. Shakky please!!" I begged even louder.
"No way you two already owe me a ton of money. I putting my feet down this time. You better get that money on your own." She said harshly. Gramps and I walked out of the bar with our heads down and shoulders slumped. Then all of a sudden Gramps shot his head up making me look at him confused. He had a look on his face as if he thought of a brilliant plan.

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