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Jungkook let out a groan of annoyance as he rolled over to his other side, shoving his face into the pillow. He'd been trying to get to sleep for the past few hours with no avail, and nothing seemed to be working.

The boy attempted almost everything he could to slip into slumber, despite the fact that each time he was close to finally falling asleep for the night, his eyes would jolt open and he'd be left back where he started.

Jungkook flipped himself onto his back and stared up at the ceiling, releasing a small sigh. The previous events of the day ran through his mind as the Prince thought of Taehyung again. It wasn't as if he was attracted to the stranger, because Jungkook hadn't believed men to be appealing in any way before, but the blue-haired servant had something about him which made Jungkook want to know so much more about him.

Evidently, the Prince would never befriend a mere servant as he was far more superior towards him, yet that didn't prevent Jungkook from engaging himself in a few harmless conversations with Taehyung which he planned to involve himself in later on today, since it'd just gone past 2am.

A few more minutes passed and Jungkook made absolutely no progress towards getting a sufficient amount of sleep. Instead, he felt himself feeling much more awake than tired, hence why the Prince kicked the covers off himself and hauled himself out of bed. The last thing he wished to do was to remain in bed doing absolutely nothing for the few remaining hours he had left until dawn commenced.

Jungkook pulled on a loose shirt over his muscular frame, along with a pair of trousers before the boy paced over towards his bedroom door, swinging it open. The two guards standing outside his room glanced over at him questioningly, although he brushed past them, not wanting to give them any explanations as to why he'd decided to leave his room halfway through the night.

The only sound audible throughout the hallway was the soft noise of Jungkook's footfall upon the hardened surface of the palace floors, which only continued as the Prince aimlessly wandered around. He didn't know exactly where he was going whilst he carried on walking around the castle, however he somehow found himself unconsciously taking the route towards the palace kitchens. He reckoned Seokjin would most likely still be in there, as the cook prepared breakfast for the royals which would be served in less than five hours.

As Jungkook neared the kitchen chambers, he made his way over to the door of the pantry which would lead him towards where Jin would indefinitely be. Pushing it open, the boy walked through the rather large room filled with foods of all sorts. The various items were stacked away neatly in baskets and containers around him, confirming the fact Seokjin was indeed the head chef. The man couldn't go anywhere without ensuring everything around him was absolutely spotless.

The Prince stared around wonderingly as he'd hardly wondered into this part of the palace. Jungkook barely ever conversed with the servants as over the years, as the Prince had grown to be snobby and arrogant. He turned his nose up at almost everyone except Seokjin and Yoongi, whom were the only two Jungkook was himself around.

"Hyung?" Jungkook called out, once he'd arrived in the kitchen. The Prince waited a few seconds, hearing absolutely no reply. Furrowing his brows, he continued to walk through the extended kitchen which was almost the size of the main courtroom in the palace.

"Jin?" he repeated again, deciding that if the elder was ignoring him for whatever reason, he'd most likely answer now that Jungkook had dropped his honourifics to reprimand him for his disrespect.

The Prince was seconds away from exiting from the back door of the kitchen which led out to the gardens, realising that Seokjin probably left the kitchen a while ago, as well as the fact Jungkook wanted nothing more than to receive some fresh air after being cooped in the palace all day until he heard the faintest call of his name, along with the sound of footsteps growing louder after each second.

"Jungkook-ah? Why are you here?" Jin asked incredulously, as he came through a side door. "It's so late."

"I couldn't sleep and-" Jungkook began, before he felt himself being cut off due to the sight in front of him. Seokjin wasn't alone. In fact, trailing behind him was Taehyung, who stared down at the floor sheepishly, not quite knowing what to say in the situation.

Jungkook didn't know how to react. His body froze as he found his words being stuck midway his throat. He felt Seokjin's eyes boring holes into his own face due to the questionable halt in his words, causing the Prince to decide to completely ignore the fact the servant boy was in his presence. Jungkook had no clue why the sight of Taehyung influenced him to mimic the actions of a repulsive school girl getting shy over the fact her crush was in the same room as he knew it was virtually impossible for him to find the servant attractive in any way.

"I couldn't sleep," Jungkook forced out, repeating his sentence. "Yoongi's asleep so I had nothing to do," he revealed, shrugging nonchalantly, although internally his heart was hammering in his chest.

"I was just about to wrap up for the night," Seokjin stated disapprovingly, shaking his head at the raven-haired boy standing in front of him. "Anyway, meet Kim Taehyung. He's the Princess's servant," the eldest male introduced, stepping onto the side to give Jungkook a clear view of the boy.

The Prince still found himself remaining silent. He was confused as to whether he should greet Taehyung politely and continue with his intentions of getting to know the serving boy more, or put up an ignorant front which is what he did to almost everyone he met in his life. Unfortunately, since Jungkook was known to be an irrational and stubborn boy, he dimwittedly decided to listen to the latter thought, pressing his lips into a thin line.

"Aren't you the one who made a complete fool of himself earlier today?" Jungkook asked, staring at the sight of the boy who visibly shrunk in embarrassment in front of him.

"I didn't mean to," Taehyung mumbled back whilst his bronze-coloured cheeks changed into a shade of pink. "I'm sorry."

His quiet apology affected Jungkook more than he thought it would. Usually, Jungkook wouldn't care in the slightest about what servants had to say since they were lower than him, yet this time it was different.

The Prince felt almost remorseful at acting abruptly towards Taehyung.

"Don't listen to him," Jin interrupted, staring at Jungkook with accusing eyes. "He's rude to everyone."

Taehyung only nodded, not wanting to antagonise the Prince even further. His eyes darted over towards Jungkook for a fleeting second before he transfixed them against the floor again, feeling quite awkward under Jungkook's cold glare.

Now the blue-haired boy finally realised what all the talk back in the North about Jungkook and Yoongi was about. He hadn't seen the elder brother yet, but the rumours about Jungkook seemed to be completely true.

The South Korean Prince was beautiful. Even if he was undeniably the rudest person Taehyung had ever come across, he couldn't help but agree to the fact that Jungkook was virtually flawless. His paper-white skin contrasted perfectly with the Prince's jet-black hair, giving him an angelic look. However, the servant boy knew his place; and he knew that the last thing he should be doing was to fawn over his mistress's future husband, which is why the elder only pushed the thoughts from his head and resumed his silent demeanour.

"You're lucky I've been nice enough to make you an exception," Jungkook shot back at Jin, although the cook only rolled his eyes at the younger.

"I'm going to sleep, Kook. You should too. It's far too late for me to put up with you now," Seokjin reprimanded, reaching over to ruffle Jungkook's tousled hair to let the boy know he was only teasing.

Jungkook only moved back from him, shoving Jin's hand back lightly. He fixed his hair nimbly with his fingers, mumbling a "good night" in return as he watched Jin also bid Taehyung a good night's sleep, moments before the cook departed the room, leaving both Jungkook and Taehyung alone.

A/n: okay but tae's song "Winter Bear" is so fucking beautiful I can't even deal I love him so much he's pRecious ❤️❤️

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