Chapter 6-Meeting The Family ❤️

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My eyes are closed, but I can hear voices around me

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My eyes are closed, but I can hear voices around me. Male voices, but different ones. I've never heard then before. I open my eyes, the light blinding me, as a reaction. I pull up my right hand and rub my two eyes. I open my eyes and see that there are multiple body's and faces, that are quite familiar. I look to my side and seee one of my brothers, my heart stops for a second and I realization hits me

"Dylan?" I say, without stuttering. He nods his head, he looks like he is about to cry. I smile and hug him tightly. He smiles and I feel wet on the back of my gown. I look up to see Dylan crying, I laugh and hug him again. Dylan was always the closest to me when I was little.
"You have grown so much Rose!" Dylan says as he hugs me once more. I smile and look around, to finally stop of a face smiling, dad. I look down and his face turn into a frown. As I said, I'm not ready to forgive.
"Roseabell look, I'm sorry." He says, I look at him and decide to say
"I Missed you.." I say as I lay back down, my head hurting a bit.
"When did you get so old munchkin!" Emmet says as he comes up and hugs me. I hug him back and laugh. We talk for a bit and dad's new family seems really nice. How am I supposed to get used to this? But they do seem nice. Ive always, only ever had my mum. And a few friends but that it it.
"Where do you live?" I ask and look at my dad.
"We live in California dear!" He says as he looks back at me. My mouth drops open
"Close your mouth, you will catch flies!"
"When do we leave? What about mothers funeral " I say as my face is filled with hope.
"They said we can take you out once you had woke up, so any time from now." my dad says.
"But I don't have any clothes? "I laugh as my cheeks flush red.
"The hospital is giving you some leggings and you can wear my hoddie!"I smile
"Thanks Dyl!" I say as I hug him once more.
"I missed that nick name bub!" He whispers in my ear.
~15 mins later~
I'm squished beetween Dylan and Emmet at the back of the car. We are on way to my dads home. Then I reliase, I won't be here for my mother's funeral. My face drops and I sink in my seat. My arms are covered my Dylan big hoddie and tears start to fall down my cheek. I feel someone side hug my side, I look to see Dylan asleep. And then look to my other side to see Emmet cuddling me, my head under his.
"Thanks!" I whisper and lay comfortably.
"Any time, your my sister" He says as he rubs my head. I smile and start to feel my eyes go droopy. Of to sleep I go
Hello, sorry I didn't post yesterday. I was busy sadly but again I have not left you. Hope you enjoy--PurpleSlothStories ❤️

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