5 - Forever Scarred

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The conversation with Anubis left a bad taste in Amber's mouth. There was something very sinister about him. Furthermore it was hard to believe that he really wanted to help her; she rather had the feeling he was looking for some entertainment. And what would entertain a dark soul like him? Probably not something she considered as her hobby. On the other hand, Happy loved to stab hungry passers-by when he was baking hot dogs, so they probably suffered from the same mental illness. Maybe he should have been the one hooking up with Happy. What if he really planned something ridiculous like that? Should she take the biker on a date where they were going to torture kids or dissect living animals? A shiver crept down her spine, and at the same time she wondered what she was prepared to do to get her life back. If someone else had to die to give her the chance to live, would she agree with it? Was she really that selfish? The thought that she wasn't immediately screaming NO!! made her feel sick to the stomach. 

She needed to mingle, to distract herself and above all; she needed to act normal. Not like some zombie who desperately wanted to resurrect. And so, she left Juice's room and walked to the clubhouse. The afternoon was soon meeting its end; food odours floated towards her and she walked into the kitchen to see if she could help. 

Amber didn't say much as she pitched in wherever she could, nor when they were sitting around the table and having dinner. She rather listened to the conversations of the others, hoping to hear something she could use later. It wasn't very useful. They talked about typical guy stuff: food, chicks, cars and bikes. The few women at the table talked to each other, but they were too far away for Amber to be able to participate in the conversation. 

To her left, she felt someone staring at her. She knew it was Happy, he was still trying to tell her non-verbally that it was about time she fucked off. Although she tried to ignore his stares, sweat was itching down her neck and a little cynical she wondered if he was able at all to look at other people without creating the impression he wanted to drink their blood. 

A few seats away from her, she filtered Chibs' voice from the noise around them. "So how's tha goin'?" he asked Juice, signalling at her with his eyes in a very obvious way. 

Juice's glance moved to her, and when their eyes met his lips curled into a mix between a smile and a smirk. Amber signed internally. He better not made some move. He was nice and charming but oh, he looked so young with that mohawk and head tattoos. As if he had just left high school. She would rather choose a more mature man. 

Not that it mattered what she wanted. Soon she would be dead anyway. Really dead, this time. Because Happy had no interest in her, or because he had in some mysterious way fallen for her, accidentally killing her during some breath play. 

. . .

After dinner the Sons, or at least the full-patched members, left the clubhouse. Since Tara left as well because she had a night shift, Amber decided to spend some time with the kids. She never had the desire to have children, but she liked to play with them; as long as she could hand them to someone else once they started to bore her. They persuaded her to play hide and sick, and she smirked at Half Sack who neither succeeded in telling them no. The kids wanted the adults to seek, so Half Sack and she went in turns.

She had just been sent outside by the kids to count again when there was a loud blast. The ground seemed to shake, and a moment later burning debris rained down around her. 

Paralyzed, Amber stared forward. Flames leaped up to the roof, the furthest windows spewing flames. Her hands were shaking. Had – had Anubis done this? No... no that couldn't be, right? 

People ran outside, smoke forming so quickly she could barely see anything. Panting, Kip stopped running; he'd laid a kid over his shoulder and was holding the hand of the boy's older sister. Two kids were still missing... 

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