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~d a y 2~

And in the end, Namjoon ended up sleeping over at Seokjin's, after a bit of arguing.

"No, no, this isn't right," Namjoon stated, looking at the bed from the door. "There's only one bed but two of us."

Seokjin rolled his eyes. "Your point?"

The younger scratched the back of his head awkwardly. "You can-"

"If you dare fucking say I can have the bed and you'll take the floor, I'm throwing you out and this sleepover is canceled," the brunette spat, hands on his hips in a sassy stance. He then smiled innocently. "How about you take the bed?"

Namjoon looked shocked for a moment. "Ah, if you say s-"

"Pft! Like I'd give you the bed," the older laughed. "This isn't one of those cliché movies or books! We share the bed."


"No buts. We share the bed."

And that's how Namjoon ended up awkwardly lying on the very edge of the bed as the sleeping Seokjin's arms and legs were sprawled all over him, loud snores leaving his throat.

"Oh my god, I'm dying," the boy whispered, breathlessly, as he tried to remove the older's limbs without waking him.

He failed.

Seokjin's naaisssse legs were unnaturally heavy and Namjoon struggled to move them. He sighed in defeat before slipping out from under the older's weight and onto the floor with a thud. An interrupted snore escaped from Seokjin's body, but he stayed asleep. The younger then got up and journeyed downstairs. He plopped onto the couch and fell asleep.

The next morning, Seokjin woke up with a cute stretch and a yawn. He looked around the room with tired eyes, noticing that Namjoon wasn't there. Without consideration of the blonde's absence, he went downstairs.

His eyes caught sight of a sleeping Namjoon on the couch. He unconsciously smiled before walking up to the boy and crouched down. He observed Namjoon's features quietly.

His eyes were lined with pretty, curled lashes. He had a dainty nose, that would scrunch every so often due to the cold. His cheeks were a very soft looking part of flesh, colored a rosy pink. His thick-ish lips looked fuller, swollen even, while he slept.

So kissable. Seokjin's eyes widened instantly. Fuck, what the fuck? Lemme go make breakfast- FUCK!

He hastily scrambled to his feet and to the kitchen, attempting to make some breakfast without constantly think of Namjoon's lips.

He failed.

M-maybe just one? While he's sleeping? He wouldn't know, right?

The brunette hurried back over to Namjoon and crouched down again, placing his hands on either of the sleeping boy's cheeks. He stared at his lips for a good minute before leaning closer.

"What are you doing?"

"FUCK!" Seokjin flew from Namjoon's face and onto his bum, wincing in pain as the blonde sat up on the couch, his hair messy.

"Were you trying to kiss me, just now?"

His voice was so deep and raspy that Seokjin didn't even take note of the question, he just stared at the boy before him.

"Seokjin? You okay?"

"FUCK-! Huh? Y-yeah, I'm f-fine! Completely and perfectly fine!" Seokjin said, too loudly at that.

Namjoon let out a yawn and stretched his arms above his head, and Seokjin found himself staring again.

"I smell something. Are you making something in the kitchen?" Namjoon suddenly questioned, dropping his arms down.

"Uh...yeah- it- to- for- breakfast- you- us...yeah," the older stumbled, making the blonde laugh.

FUCK, I need to hear that laugh again.

"Well, sounds good. Get going then," Namjoon said, lying back down and staring at the ceiling. "Oh, and I can't help because I'd probably burn your kitchen to ashes."

Seokjin's tense demeanor dispersed as he chuckled and got up to continue breakfast. What he failed to notice, though, was the prettiest smile Namjoon donned, a blush on his cheeks, which were - this time - of half embarrassment, half happiness.

"He wanted to kiss me."


whack chapter, I apologize.


also, there's this fucking chinese boy that just finished 12th grade today that was at my school that looks like namjoon and eye-

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also, there's this fucking chinese boy that just finished 12th grade today that was at my school that looks like namjoon and eye-

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