13. Decidophobia

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*Possible trigger warning*

♡Chapter dedicated to temptz

"I wish I could make it easy. Easy to love me. But still I reach, to find a way. I'm stuck here in between.
I'm looking for the right words to say." Mr. Probz

When you are waiting for your nightmares to come to life, time moves slower than someone fighting their way through molasses

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When you are waiting for your nightmares to come to life, time moves slower than someone fighting their way through molasses.

The seconds stretch into eternity, each longer than the last like an invisible elastic band that never retracts.

All these thoughts crossed Noah's mind as he watched Savannah, writhing and thrashing in her chair. Each scream that fell from her lips pierced his heart like the needle that had contained the serum.

Make it stop, please make it stop!

Her entire body was coated in sweat and blood had begun to drip from her nose like a leaking faucet. But her eyes, her eyes were the worst thing Noah had ever seen. The pure horror and fear that shined through them as the tears ran down her cheeks.

What was she picturing? The only clue he had to go on was the word 'guilt', which she kept screaming over and over again.

Make it stop!

He wondered if this could possibly be his worst fear; watching the people that he cared about subjected to their nightmares.

If so, the woman had achieved her goal. This was absolute, mind numbing torture.

With one long final wail that made the hair on his arms stand up straight, Savannah went silent. Her head collapsed forward, blood dripping from her nose onto her pale blue dress. He watched the rise and fall of her chest for a moment, actually feeling relief that she would have a break from whatever it was that haunted her.

The silence that fell upon them after Savannah passed out, was heavy and suffocating, broken only by Ryder’s attempts to get free and Kayla’s pleas for him to stop. They all knew that they were next, that whatever Savannah had just been through would be in their near future. The fear on the other's faces scared the hell out of him. The blood beginning to leak from Ryder’s arm even more so.

The harsh sound of snapping wood broke through the haze of terror he was feeling as he watched Ryder wipe the blood off his arms and stand up straight. The rattle of metal as the strap came off Ryder's wrist was the best sound that Noah had heard all night. Ryder immediately went over to release his sister. The smug grin on his face spoke of the triumph he was feeling.

Kayla came to undo Noah’s restraints and as soon as he was out of them, he shakily got to his feet, pulling her to his chest. She smelled of salty tears and the fear that clung to her like perfume. But she was real and, in his arms. And she was the anchor that was currently holding him in place.

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