Fight & Makeup

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My dreamless sleep was cut off by the knocking sound of the door, I groaned as I felt the stiffness of my body. Sadness consumed me again as flashbacks came over me. I felt lightheaded as I tried to stand up with a matching urge to throw up.

"Alice? Alice are you there?" Travis. What's he doing here? "Please baby, if you're in there please open the door. Let's talk, please."

My hands trembled as I reach for the doorknob, the creaking noise of the door brings chill to my spine  revealing a painfully handsome Travis with his hair disheveled, he got this aura that would stop anyone on their tracks just to look at him. He ran his hand through his already messy hair but dang this man is so hot. He took a step forward and I readied myself for what he has to say. But his next actions took me by surprise as he grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me to his chest. 

"Are you alright? Please tell me you're alright?" 

"I'm okay."

"Please don't leave like that again, you almost drove me insane. I was so worried." 

"I'm sorry." I breathe in his sweet musky scent bringing me comfort.

He pulled away to look at me and I did the same, like really, really looked. Taking in his features as he towered over me. His eyes were mesmerizing dark as midnight screaming out with his emotions burning right through me with worry, pain, and something deeper, something that anyone could've mistaken for as... love. But I know more than to assume. 

"What made you leave me like that? Did you even considered how I would feel with you bailing out on me like that? I was so goddamned worried."

"I'm sorry, really. I just... I'm fine, okay? I just had to go because I'm not feeling well but Evan was with me-"

"Evan was with you?"

"Yeah he-"

"I can't believe this, you are married to me and now you're going out behind my back with my very best friend who you just met after we had sex? Wow." He shook his head unbelieving the words that came out of his mouth.

"Well, if you didn't jump off into the arms of another woman the moment I turned my back I wouldn't have to leave. If only you considered my feelings too, oh wait it's not like we're something but did you really have to humiliate me like that?!"

His eyes were wide as my words sink in to him. "I- we were just dancing, I was waiting for you and then-"

"You know what? You don't have to explain we don't even have to fight like this, just like you said you're  the one paying me after all... I just hope you didn't bring me there if you have plans like that."

"We were just friends for pete's sake!"

"Yea? Well people there didn't think so! Do you have any idea how small I felt when they were looking at me? You made me a laughing stock at that party. They looked at me like I was some hindrance, like I stole you from her! Why did you have to marry me and use me to give you a child if someone was already willing to take the part?!" I sighed feeling defeated, all this shouting is exhausting, physically and emotionally. "I know, I know that this is all just a farce to you but somehow could you please consider my feelings too. I'm a human too with emotions, you know? Running off like that was definitely wrong but what choice do I have? I can't stay there, not with the way everyone was looking at me,  making me wanna crumble down in shame. Most especially if I know the real reason behind our so-called marriage." I finished the last sentence almost out of breath.

He looked out of speech, like so many words were running in his mind but none found its way out of his mouth. We stood there with nothing but silence. The tension was so strong, so electrifying. Our emotions were fleeting over the surface, exposed.  Before we both masked it away, afraid to say anything, to give away anything.

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