Almost Perfect

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My eyes were fixed at the gorgeous woman laying on her stomach beside me, a few strands of her hair slightly covers her angelic face. I want to shower her with kisses and make love to her again but I won't because I know that she's probably exhausted and sore from last night. I just can't get enough of her, she's like a drug I won't mind getting addicted to. All the girls I have slept with before is no near comparison. She's, she's... I don't know how to describe her in words, to put the strange things I feel towards her.
I feel different every time she's around, a wonderful kind of different. I mean it when I said to her that I want to give our marriage a try, to make us work, I really do. But, a part of me, a big part of me is still scared. I don't want what happened to my father happen to me. Every thing, every memory of that night is still fresh and painful. But with Alice..... I, I want so bad to give it a shot. But I'm still trying to slay my demons, it's winning... it always did. I sighed. I am so confused.

I placed a quick kiss on her forehead before leaving. I went to the kitchen and started making breakfast for my wife. Just the thought of her makes me smile to myself.


I moaned as I try to reach for my husband beside me only to feel his side cold and empty I opened my eyes in instant. I blink few times and stare at the empty side of the bed. I feel like crying, last night was.... I thought it was.... especial. Well maybe at least for me it was, guess we're not on the same page. It was so stupid of me to assume that he felt the same way, thinking that I'll wake up snuggled next to my husband. I stood up and head straight to the bathroom. When I'm done with all my morning routine I stare at my own reflection at the mirror. There's this glow in my face, a slight blush on my cheeks, redness of my lips, sparkle in my eyes. I touched my swollen lips closing my eyes reminiscing the wonderful events of last night, I tried my hardest not to cry. I really did thought it meant something to him. I fix my broken heart before going outside.

As soon as I open the door a delicious scent hit my nose. I followed it straight to the kitchen. And voila! There stood my oh so half naked husband his sexy back facing me. I gulped, feeling the heat flowing in my body down to my very core. His butt is so so so sexy and firm. Really Alice?! His butt?!!!

Before I knew Travis turned around and caught me staring like a maniac on his back. I blink my eyes and tried looking anywhere but at him.

He chuckled making my face burn with so much embarrassment.
"Don't be shy. You can stare at me all day if you want baby." He said winking at me.

"I, I wasn't.... I didn't.. I was just..."

"Denial isn't really necessary." He chuckled.

"I was just looking for you, you know... I just somehow, I...." I sighed. " Well, it's just that I feel quite hurt waking up alone in bed after last night.... I just.. what I mean is I don't really expect yo-"

I didn't notice him standing in front of me until he held my face between his hands making me look at him."Hey, it's okay I get it. I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't have left you like that. I just thought I'll make you some breakfast. You know after our nonstop lovemaking last night I know you'll probably be hungry. I'm sorry, really." I stared into his beautiful eyes and saw sincerity in them. I felt a little guilty over thinking things.

"I'm sorry too, I was just..." he silenced me by kissing me. His mouth tastes like chocolate. hmmmm so delicious! His hands trailed my back down to my buttocks cupping it.

He broke the kiss making me groan for more. "Easy now, as much as I want to take you right here at this very moment I want you to eat breakfast, you need energy. Today is our day, and it'll be full of fun."

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