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She tries to hide

All the fear she feels inside

So I pray this time

I can be the man that she deserves

'Cos I die a little each time

When she cries......


Since the incident at the kitchen. Travis and I became closer. We both apologized to each other. We hang out more often and I guess more intimately. He kisses me a lot and I like it A LOT! I'm such a sicko! I giggled.

"Woah, woah, woah! And why is that?" Anastasia asked. We're currently having our lunch. And with that I mean mega lunch! She kept on insisting that I should eat a lot of healthy foods.

"W-what? Nothing!"

"Hmmmm..." She teased. "Nothing?"

"Really, just nothing!"

"Okay if you say so..." She paused, "So what is it?"

I laughed. "I told you it's nothing!"

"Maybe you're reminiscing what you and Mr. Monterro did last night!"

"You're incredulous! We didn't, we haven't-"

"Yea right stop being so defensive about it." She rolled her eyes. "It's normal and besides he is unmistakably hot, of course you can't possibly resist him when he starts-"

I covered her mouth. "Stop it! Your unbelievably blatant! We haven't had sex, well at least not yet." I said. We high-five, clutching our stomachs and laugh as hard as we can. I wiped the tears in my eyes. I guess after our tiring 'training' it's still fun to be with this woman. We continued eating our meal and talk about things.

"The wedding's three days from now. Weren't you excited?"

Nope, I'm nervous as fuck. "Of course I am. Can't even sleep well at night!" I giggled.


Anastasia was cut off by the sight of a stunning woman marching towards us. Uhm, is she lost or something? Because this woman should walk on a runway. But why towards us? Yea why?

"Where is he?"

"H-ha?" Was all I managed to say.

"Travis! Where the fuck is Travis?!"

"Ma'am Clarisse? Uh sir Travis is not h-home." Jane came from behind.

"That bastard." She muttered under her breath. "And who is this?" She asked Jane .

Anastasia stood up. "Good morning Ms. Clarisse. Please give me the privilege to introduce you to Ms. Allison Simon or Mr. Monterro's fiance in short." I saw Anastasia smirked at her.

Her face was priceless when Anastasia's words dawned at her. "You slut!" She came to me and grabbed a fistful of my hair. Ow!  While Anastasia and Jane stood frozen.

"Stop! You're hurting her!"

"You mean this, slut? Stop kidding me, you think I will believe you that Travis will choose her over me?!" She slapped me and pushed me on the floor. "Look at her! Do you think Travis will marry someone who look nothing but a scullery maid!? Bullshit!" Truth wounds. I felt low that I can't even argue with her. I can't even defend myself, everything she said was true.

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