The Black Market

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The haggard Li Yu Yan was really "appealing" to Chu Feng. Maybe she should take on Han Qin Xi's wish. Believing that she couldn't go against Li Yu Yan was such false thinking. Possibilities don't happen if one don't take action. 

A physician was called over to tend to Chu Feng's wounds by Father Han. After the physician was finished tending to Chu Feng, Father Han dismissed him. No one else received treatment.

With all the noise and afraid that it would affect his daughter's health, Father Han decided to throw Li Yu Yan outside and sent a messenger to the Li Clan. Chu Feng was then supported back to her courtyard with care. 

The walk to the courtyard was long and quiet. Usually, the Han children would run around the hallway and play around in the grass. No one was there. Grandfather Han's death has really made the Han Clan quiet. But it won't be long until the power struggle begins. No, it had already begun.

And, the winner of the power struggle will be announced during the time the Yearly Grand Competition would be held -which was in three weeks. For who was to become the next Patriarch, Chu Feng already knew but he wouldn't last long as the Han Clan had been declining and will continue to decline. The Han Clan wouldn't last until next year.

If she help the Han Clan get back their prestige, would it benefit her? The villains were mostly from the Han clan, like Third Uncle and his wife. Though, they were short lived villains. 

Could the Han clan be saved when so much power hungry people are in it? Removing the power hungry people wouldn't be a good idea too. They could easily torment other Han members. 

In her room, she laid on her bed, tired and went to sleep. An hour later, she was awake though her energy level wasn't 100 percent. She couldn't lay in bed all day if she wanted to find Grandfather Han's killer. 

Just as she walked out, a servant came in relaying her a message from Father Han, "First Master Han says for Third Miss to not continue investigating Patriarch Han's death. It has already been taken cared of. Patriarch Han will be buried after his funeral which is in four days." 

He found out? And what did he mean by taken care of? So who was the killer? 

Chu Feng ran to Father Han's study room but he was not there. Lord Wang was present instead. His red eyes really captivates her but she turned to go back out.

"First Master Han just left to the palace," Lord Wang commented at the sight of the heavy breathing Chu Feng who was turning away.

Chu Feng stopped for a second, then left. Lord Wang looked at the disappearing silhouette of the woman. Ah, the woman who he had watched has really grown but he couldn't just eat her up now. She wasn't ready yet. He'll wait until she ripens.

Though it had only been an hour since Chu Feng went inside, the sky was bright and sunny. Traces of what happened in the morning was nowhere found, even the people who were being controlled forgot what happened. Whose magic trick was this? 

Everything felt like it never happened at all. 

For the rest of the week, the only clothes that she was to wear was the mourning white clothes prepared by the Han Clan. Chu Feng tried to ask Father Han who to mastermind was but he would always change the topic. Must she not know? Is it not okay for her to know who the killer was out of curiosity?

Just who was the killer? 

The question was stuck in her mind. Sadly, she couldn't ask the unloyal servants because they were found dead the night from that day. All that was left was a letter written in blood from the old servant before he died. He confessed his actions and revealed the mastermind's plot but didn't reveal who the mastermind was. No matter how many times she looked and reread the letter, nothing much came out of it. 

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