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.....I was panting and moaning as he thrust deeper and faster inside me. He's so good, no scratch that he's a Sex God! I moaned as he slammed himself harder once more before we both reached our climax. Wow! That's mind blowing!

"I love you Travis." I kissed him.

"I lo-"

My sleep was suddenly cut off, I jerked up wiping my eyes. What a weird dream I just had. I stood up and proceeded to the bathroom, I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I looked at my reflection at the mirror, I wonder how it would really feel when he- Oh no stop right there, you dirty little mind! I shook my head couple of times and went downstairs. I headed straight to the kitchen completely famished.

"Hi good morning." I greeted Jane.

"Good morning too Ma'am Alice."

"Oh come on, how many times do I have to tell you guys to just please call me Alice. I would really love that." I smiled, it's so uncomfortable being addressed as such. I'm so not used to it and I doubt I'll ever will. "So what's for breakfast?"

"Pancakes." She smiled back. "Do you want me to make a coffee for you or juice maybe?"

"No it's okay thank you. I'll do it."


I went to the counter and made my coffee. I sat on my chair, Jane on the other hand came back with a single plate on her hand. No way! I will not be eating alone again!.

She put the plate down. "Why only only plate?"

"H-huh?" She asked confused.

"I mean where's yours?"

"We don't eat together with our boss?"

"But I want you to. Please?"

She frowned but sat on the opposite chair. "Why?" She asked all of sudden. "Why are you being nice to me?"

"Why would I not be?"

She rolled her eyes. "You know I've been a bitch to you on our first meeting and so is the second. You could've told Sir Travis to fire me, but you didn't. I wonder why."

"Is that it? Come on why would I do that? You did what you thought you have to. Maybe I could've done the same if I were you. I won't ask him to fire you over nonsense matter. You work for a reason, and whatever it is I don't want to be the cause for you to lose your job. It's all good, let's forget about it." I winked at her. "Wow, these pancakes are good." I moaned. Delicious, mmmmm.

"Thank you."

Jane and I were chitchatting about random stuffs. Turns out that Jane was a total darling, she's nice and has a good humor. "Can I ask you a favor?"

"Yeah, sure. What is it?"

"It's just that you said that you know how to bake. Pies, cake, everything. i was just wondering if you could somehow teach me to bake a cake? I want to make Travis one."

"Oh sure! I'd love that."

"Thank you Jane!"

I will not deny that the kitchen looked like a mess, because it really is. We were making icing when it turned out to be an icing fight. I was laughing as I threw Jane a fistful of flour and giggled when she did the same. Even Gram Amanda laughs with us, she's the head of the maids but since she babysat Travis he calls her gram, so I did too. The kitchen was filled by our laughter, never thought baking could be so much fun. Jane was about to throw me a bowl flour when she all of sudden froze on her spot and the room fell silent. Jane's face was filled with horror while Gram Amanda bowed her head and left the room and Jane followed without a word. I turned around confused. Travis was standing few feet away from me with a poker face on. I closed the diostance between us and hugged him. Did I just hugged him? Yes, gurl.

"Oh God! I'm so sorry." I said while trying to wipe the stains I have caused. He stopped my hand midway."Y-you're early?" He just narrowed his eyes. Wrong question? Oh-oh. "Ahm, sorry about that. We, ugh, I, it's all my fault okay? Don't be mad at them. I was the one who asked for Jane's help to teach me how to bake a cake. I just thought maybe I could make one for you." His face softened. "You shouldn't have witnessed that, I'm terribly sorry." I looked down and stared at my shoes. Always a damsel in distress Alice.

He lifted my chin using his index finger making me look at him. "I have something for you." He said with seriousness in his voice. I was trying to read his expression looking for any clues on what's on his mind apparently he's pretty good at hiding them.

He pulled a white small box from his pocket. "This, is for you." He opened it and my mouth literally dropped on the floor. There goes a beautiful opal ring. My birthstone.

"F-f-for me-e?" I stammered. "W-what for?"

"Your engagement ring?"

"That's needless, you shouldn't have bothered, really."

He held my left hand and put in on my ring finger. I gaped at it in awe.

"It looks good on you."

Do. not. cry. I warned myself. I tiptoed to give him a kiss on his cheek when he unexpectedly moved his face. Our lips met and for a moment we both froze I was about to pull away when he cupped my face and kissed me tentatively at first to passionately. His hand moved to the back of my neck while the other down do my back drawing me closer to him. His touch gives a sparks of static to my skin. It's a strong magical feeling and there's no more denying it, that I am dangerously falling in love with him.



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