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After talking to my lawyer privately I made my way to the parking lot only to find Alice nowhere to be seen. Great, now where did she go?! I noticed a group of people formed in the middle of the road. What's wrong with these people? Seriously, in the middle of the road? Tsk.

My curiosity pulled me towards them. Why do I have a bad feeling about this. My heart beat grew louder and louder in every step I take. My palms are sweating and so is my forehead. The crowds are panicking & murmuring yet it's like I'm deafened by the noises. Everything seems like a blur the closer I get near the scene. I saw the driver frozen in place with horror stricken face. 

Please God, don't let my suspicion be right.  

And that's it, I was standing where the commotion is happening. It's like my world crumbled down when I saw her body lying at the middle of the dirty street.

Oh God, no.

"Alice!" I shouted. I ran to her side checking for her pulse. It's still beating, thank God. "Somebody call an ambulance!" I begged. "Hang on, baby." I pleaded. I feel like crying. This is all my fault. I put her in this mess.

When the rescue team arrived, I followed them as they put her on the ambulance. "I'll come."

"Excuse me? Are you related to the her?"

"I'm her fiancee."

I sat near the stretcher. I clasp my hand to hers dearly. "Please, Alice. Baby stay strong. I, I can't lose you." I choked. "Let me make it all up to you please, give me a chance."

I was too occupied that I didn't even notice that we are already at the hospital. They put her on the emergency room straightaway. And they won't even let me come in. Fuck it!  I called her brother and my grandparents. Then I called my private investigator to investigate and know everything about what happened. I will make whoever is responsible pay for this.

I stared emptily at the bright boring white wall in front of me. I remember the night I saw her at the bar. When I found out where she works I went there every time I can. I just sat there at the darkest area of the bar just sitting there watching her. She's so natural, so simple yet so....perfect. The very moment I met her back at my library, I can't seem to get rid of her on my mind. There's just something about her that draws me to her. She's like a gravity pulling me closer. Her tired eyes always lit up when she smiles. Her laugh, her laugh was like a music to my ears. It's more spellbinding than a thousand mermaids. When I saw her being attacked by those guys at that alley, I wanted to protect her. I want to kill every living thing that will harm even the tip of her hair. I have the strong urge to protect her to keep her warm & safe. But right now, I'm failing miserably. Have I really been a selfish jerk? I don't know how to face her after this. If... if she didn't make it I don't know how to go on with my life at all. I don't even understand why I'm feeling this way.

"Hey," I looked up at Joseph.

"What happened, Travis?" Her father asked, his face were filled with worry.

I can feel my conscience eating me alive. How could I explain to them? How could I tell them that we went to my lawyer because of a fucking contract? And that I just talk to my lawyer for a second and the next thing I know everything's fucked up and Alice was lying on the cold road bleeding.


"Travis!" My grandmother ran to me and hugged me. "Oh Travis, are you okay? Alice? Is she okay? Oh my God."

"I don't know. I just talked to Sebastian for a minute and the next thing I know Alice's lying on the street. It's all my fault grandma."

"Oh, it's not your fault. Do you know what exactly happened."

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