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It's been 47 hours and 30 minutes since the last time I saw her and I have this annoying strong urge to drag my feet at her front door. God, I'm so dying to see her! Why weren't she even calling me!? Why the fuck would she even call you, Travis? I facepalmed. Damnit! This is frustrating. It wasn't even supposed toScrew this! I need to see her! I slammed the folder I was holding at my table and leave my hell of a office. I can't focus on anything. .

"Sir, Sir." I heard my secretary calling me and I kept on walking "Sir, wait, Siiiiiiiir!!!"

"WHAT??!" I snapped.

"Sir, you can't leave. You have a meeting with Mr. Zeralde."

Holy shit! How could I ever forget my important client.  "Cancel it.."

"But sir, Mr. Zeralde is already waiting in the boardroom and the meeting will start six minutes from now so sir supposedly we're heading there now.."

I want to smack myself. What's wrong with me?!  "Damn, are all the needed files prepared?" She nodded her head. "Okay, let's go."

"And sir—"

"What now?!" 

"Ms. Clarisse is also inside.." What the —-! I took a deep breath before entering. I saw her ridiculously painted face instantly. Make up gone wrong.  Clarisse had been one of my flings, she was fine at first too nice in fact. I thought she understood our relationship's limit. Never thought she'll turn into a demanding, clingy and possessive bitch. I shook my head at the thought. Focus now, Travis. The faster this meeting is over, the faster you'll see her. I suddenly felt motivated. 

After thirty minutes the meeting's finally over. I went straight to the elevator when I heard Clarisse shouting my name. Great, just freaking great. Now I have no choice but to be nice to her in order to get the deal with her father completely. Tsss. I turned around and put on my killer smile. "Oh, hello to you Clarisse. What can I do for you?"

"Come on now, Travis. We're all alone there's no need for formality." She said  in a seductive way. "You know what I want."

"Aww too bad I have to disappoint you today, I have an important thing to do. Maybe next time." I winked at her and went inside the elevator.

"Wait-" I was so thankful that the door closed instantly before she can reach me. I can't help but to stick my tongue out on her, yes childish I know. Whew, clingy as ever. When I reached the lobby I went straight to my car. I've never been this excited to see a girl. I stop at the nearest bakeshop and bought a cake and a bouquet of roses. I hope she'll like it. I prayed silently. I drove fast as I can and reached her house in no time.

I banged my head on the steering wheel. Ten minutes! Ten fucking minutes had passed. And I'm still sitting inside my car like an idiot. She's just a girl! Man up! I grabbed the cake & roses and make up my freaking mind. 

Okay. I was standing outside her gate and was about to call when she suddenly came out of their door.  Her eyes widened when she spotted me.

"Oh God! What are you doing here?!"

"Aww I missed you too." Did I just say that?!

She looked stunned for a second then rolled her eyes . "Ha-ha-ha" She rolled her eyes. "Wow how sweet Mr. Travis, please do me an honor, leave before anyone sees you!"

"Rude—" I was cut off when someone spoke.

"Alice.... Oh I see we have a visitor, why don't you invite him in?!"

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