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I woke up feeling  surprisingly  light despite of what happened last night. Probably, because Travis is the only person that appeared in my dreams. I checked myself at the mirror and the  marks of hands on my neck from last night are now  sickeningly purple and evident. There's no way I'll be able to explain it to dad and Joseph. I put on a turtle-neck sweater and head straight to the kitchen. I grabbed my favorite cup and made a coffee. I love coffee, honestly if only I have extra money I'll buy a coffee maker. 

"Creepy sis." I heard my brother said from behind.

"Creepy?" I ask with a confused expression.

"Your smile, I find it creepy. You never wake up with a smile on your face. You always have this scrunched up face caused by your alarm clock." He said making a funny face.

"You brat!" I said faking a mad tone."I woke up earlier than my alarm clock today, that's why!" Liar! You dreamt of Travis!  "And why are you up this early, if I may ask?" I said changing the subject.

"Uhm I have to review for the finals."

"Wow, that's so good. Keep it up bro! I'll be so happy if you pass all your subjects. I have no doubt, though. You're a very smart boy." I gave my bro a thumbs up.

"That! You are completely right!" he winked at me before leaving me alone in the kitchen.

I sip my coffee savoring its creamy taste on my mouth. Hmmm I'll never get tired of this. I licked my lip when an image of Travis popped in my head. Perv! I tap my forehead. Stop, you're thinking too much for your own good! I opened the fridge grabbed eggs and sausages, closing  it using my elbow afterwards. I was humming while cooking. I felt another presence in the kitchen I turned my head to my right and saw my father leaning against the wall.

"Oh hey dad, good morning." I smiled at my father. "I'll set the table in a while." After preparing the table I glanced at my father who is still leaning against the wall as if he's thinking something real deep.

"Uhm, coffee dad?" He just nod his head. I grabbed a mug and made a coffee. I put it down and set the meals on the table. I called my brother so we can start our breakfast. The longer we eat the longer I feel uncomfortable by my father's quietude.

"Dad? Are you okay?" I asked asked.

Joseph froze and looked at our father with concerned expression."Dad, do you want to go to the doctor?"

"No, I'm fine. But, what about you Allison? Are you really okay?" I was caught off guard, his eyes examining me. 

Joseph gaped at me with distinct worry in his eyes. "A-re you sick too?"

"W-what? Of course not! I'm not sick bro. No need to worry." I stuttered. Does dad found out about last night? But how? I questioned myself nervously.


"WHAT?! No, you won't dad! I'm fine, what are you so worried about? I'm not sick! I'm perfectly healthy!"

"Well if that so, that's good. But what about the car that brought you home last night?" He took a long deep breath before speaking again. " You said you're working, two shifts. But what kind of work Allison?! Please tell me that what I'm thinking you're work is not what I assume it is. Please. I'd rather die than knowing it's not a decent job."

What? Does he thought I'm a PUTTANA?! Holy milk of cow that never crossed my mind!  "Dad, you're right it's not what you think it is. I'm a waitress, not a hostess." I reassured him.

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