Chapter 6

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Me, Crackers and Christian sat on the front porch's wooden, creaky stairs. We were waiting for Kitty to get out of the house to bring us out to the mall. Suddenly she ran out of the house
"GUYS!!! SOMEONE SET THE HOUSE ON FIRE!!!" She screamed, we looked at her in disbelief, "GUYS!! IM LITERALLY BEING SERIOUS!!!"
Now that I thought about it the scent of smoke went thick. My eyes widened, running off of the front porch with the others inti the car park. We all watched, the sound of creaking wood in the house grew, the fire becoming larger setting the whole roof on fire
"RICH SET A FIRE AND HE BURNED DIWN THE HOUSE!!!" Christian sang as Kitty started calling up the fire patrol. Christian continued singing his song. Suddenly William ran out the door, with black smudgy spots all over him from the fire, his hair messed up. He ran over to Kitty, taking her phone off of her
"Kitty, dear, we don't need the fire out" he said to her as hanging up the phone, throwing it into the fire of the house. It made a little explosion in the fire, causing more wood to fall down. Kitty looked shocked and took off her blue glasses.
"You've gotta be kidding me right?! MILO, look what your boyfriend did!"
"He's not my boyfriend?" I told her with a questioned look
"No" I replied, she had a really pissed off face looking at the others. Christian still singing with his phone now on with the music, Crackers just looked back
"What? I'm enjoying this" she told Kitty. Kitty sighed hitting her face gently with her hand, then putting her glasses back on
"Guys- the problem is my parents are going to kill me and I'm going to be homeless" we all looked at her
"Well Christian always has his door open" Crackers suggested, Christian nodding along
"...and my parents?" She asked
"Oh well fuck them" crackers concluded, "they were kind of dickheads in the first place-" kitty smiled
"Y o u r r i g h t", then looked at William, "AND YOU! Never ever let me see you in my sight ever again" he shrugged
"And? I'm a lot more stronger then you young one", Kitty was about to punch him, then he gripped onto her arm, her struggling to get at him.
" are..." kitty whispered

Suddenly a loud bang came from the house, the roof fell down onto the floor of the house. At this point some neighbour might have called the fire patrol as we saw the truck coming. We all kind of looked shocked and realised what we put ourselves into. We didn't wanna fricken socialise with these people. We just looked, then started running down the street, with just William walking behind us, not bothered to run.

We arrived at Christians house. Since I think it was the closest.
"Why are we letting William follow us again?" Christian asked, we all shrugged
"I came along just to hang out with my beloved Milo" I stared at him for a second
"I'm not your boyfriend" I told him. He just smiled with a oh okay face. Crackers interrupted
"But he is pretty funny though, he burnt down Kitty's house!" Crackers concluded with excitement.
"Ehh- half and half, it was funny but still pretty bad" Christian told us
"Pretty bad! Well uh, what I think is that, it's horrible on my life guys!"
"I can judge anything for anyone!" Crackers randomly told us
"Welp, I guess it's time to get a cock" I said looking at William
"MILO! NO!" Christian and Kitty shouted at me. Crackers just pulled a box of tiktaks, starting to eat the little pebbles gracefully. Kitty and Christian looked at her with the wtf face.
"Guys, my dick is exploring places, so I'm gonna ex-" Christian grabbed me, holding me against my will
"No! No you are not! My mum is fucking home Milo! Plus, it's weird as fuck!" He shouted at me. William watched
"I'm afraid your right, who was it, Christian?" He looked at Christian, he had a questioned face of how he knew
"But I'm also afraid Milo your gonna have to wait 2 weeks~" William concluded, kissing my head. I felt awkward. William smirked
"Goodbye fellow crew, and my sweetheart Milo~" he waved, walking the hecc out.
"Im not his boyfriend-" everyone looked at me with intensified expressions, besides for crackers, Crackers was enjoying her tiktaks.

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