a late-night stroll.

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It was late at night somewhere around midnight, and of course, I was having trouble sleeping. My mind would not frey from my mother's condition, I could not leave the palace as a maid as my duties were sworn to the royals. Thankfully My brother a training guard could still return home and help mother out as much as possible after his each guard shift he has. Rosie had long since fallen asleep and I was writing to my mother a small note using a quill and ink. I was just finishing up my letter when I heard a knock on the chamber doors. I furrowed my brow, this was odd.

We never had visitors and never at this time of the night. I hesitantly got out from under the sheets and my bare feet hit the marble making me shiver but I trodded over to the door as my light green nightgown flowed around my knees. My eyes widened as I was met with Loki who smirked at my form eyes trailing over my outfit. "I see you have taken to wearing my colors" he said cockily with a charming smirk and I playfully hit his chest and he chuckled "its the dead of the night what are you doing here?" I asked in a hushed voice. 

"There is no need to whisper my dear I have enchanted the guards to not notice us or hear what we speak of" he said "that doesn't answer my question Loki" I scolded but felt my heart flutter when he called me dear. What is wrong with me?. 

"Alright, alright, come with me" he said and I rose a brow "where?" I asked as he grabbed my wrist gently but enough to drag me out of the confinements of my chambers. "you will see" he said and let go of my wrist as I trailed behind him my feet hitting the cold floor and sure enough as we passed each guard none of them spared a second glance in our direction. I huffed and shivered slightly and Loki's side glanced me and noticed my lack of warmth. With the swipe of his hand, a coat lay over my form in a deep maroon with a nice hood that I pulled over my head while I smiled up at him through it. He smirked and turned his head back to forward as we turned through another corridor. 

it wasn't long before we left the palace walls and trailed off into the deep forest "I don't understand-" I was cut off by him hushing me and gently grasping my hand and leading me to a clearing. I was nervous but not as cold anymore and thankfully I trusted Loki enough to protect me. Or at least I hope he would.

The wind was soft gently whipping at the tips of my chocolate brown hair as we walked further into the clearing. It was amazing. The small white flowers that decorated the vivid green grass had small bugs that lit up atop each one making a wave of small lights decorating the grass-covered ground. I gasped at the sight and Loki turned back to me with a smirk the moonlight glinting off of his features "I'm glad you like it" he suddenly said and you face him with a smile "it's beautiful!" I squealed with delight at the scene. "It only happens once every 500 years," he said and you stood next to him admiring the scene of the small bug that lit up the surrounding area. 

"but this isn't even the best part" he said and you looked up at him with a brow raised "then what is-" he quickly placed a finger to your lips hushing you while trying himself to resist pressing his own lips against your soft ones. You furrowed your brow and were about to pull away and scoff when he turned his head back to the scene and a pure white deer stepped out into the light.

He slowly dropped his finger from your lips as you turned with wide eyes watching the beautiful deer enter further into the clearing not noticing either of you. Loki must have placed a cloaking spell upon you both. The deer was white with a pink nose and white fur and blue crystal-like eyes, it shimmered with small glitters glinting in the light of the moon. It gently stepped out its small hooves crunching against a few fallen leaves and it hung its head gently consuming the small flower in front of it. 

"wow..." I said breathlessly at the stunning creature and i side glanced Loki to see him looking at me. I felt my cheeks tint a slight shade of red and focused back on the deer, only then did I notice it approaching us, "Loki.." i said warningly but quietly for I saw his smug expression. "I haven't done anything my dear" he cooed in my head, I fought back the urge to jump at the sound not used to the feeling. "Relax"  he purred trying to get me to not become so stiff, the deer was mere inches from us now and rose its head-turning it slightly so its crystal blue eye could meet my mint ones. 

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