[Love and Tears] part 9.

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Rebecca is a physco. Who said I wanted to go anywhere near Jay anyway? Oh, who was I kidding? Of course I wanted to go with Jay. I wanted to be with Jay, but things were just too complicated. Was love always followed by tears? Why did it have to be that way?

Jay chased after me after my remark about Rebecca. I could hear his footsteps chase behind me and he gently but firmly held my arm.

"Callie, what do you mean?" He asked. I could see Rebecca narrowing her eyes at me in the corner or mine.

"Round there." I said,gesturing to around there corner. He quickly followed on and made his way around the school corner.

When we made it around there, Rebecca out of sight, he repeated his question.

"What do you mean she's crazy? Did she do this to you?" He asked. I simply nodded my head, not even looking up at him. I could feel his warm breathe hitting my cut forehead as he stop there, wide-mouthed. "Why?"

I felt like a snitch telling him. I didn't want to tell him, but I wasn't frightened of Rebecca so he had the right to know. Surely, if you have a crazyphyscomaniac of a partner, you'd want to know, right?

"She's weird," I said. He placed two fingers on my chin and pushed my head up to look at him carefully. He was going to say something but he got lost in my eyes and frankly, I got lost in his too. I snapped us both out of it as I asked what he wanted to say.

"Oh yeah. Err, I forgot now." He blushed. I did, too.

"Callie, do you want to go round the back?" He asked. Round the back?

"For what?"

"We need to talk." He replied.

"But I need to get to my third period. It's already half way past. And besides, I don't know how your crazy Rebecca would like that." He had gotten lost in my eyes so I couldn't help but stare back. My heart raced so hard it felt like I was going to beat out of my chest. I couldn't help but to flash a smile, too. He smiled back and held my hands and lead me to the back of the building.

His hands were warm and soft. When he held me, sparks flew down my spine. I simply followed like a dog on a lead, but I didn't mind. I just hoped Rebecca didn't see.

When we reached the back, I couldn't wait to sit and just talk. On the way, I was thinking aboutwhether I should tell Jay about my life. I figured it was unhealthy to keep all these fears and worries inside of me. Maybe I should tell someone I trust.

The back was so romantic. The flowers blossomed beautifully. The sun beamed down fiercely on the grass, making even that look pretty. The squirrels ran by at the sight of us which made me release a giggle. Jay was still holding my hand, that made me forget about everything. It just felt right. If only it was that easy.

Jay released my hand which made me upset, however he reached for hisbag packand unzipped the zipper. He then struggled to bring something out, something which appeared to be a blanket. Why did he have a blanket in his bag?

"Could you give me some help?" He asked me. I laughed at him, but nonetheless still helped him. I held his bag tightly whilst he pulled the blanket out. After that, he layed the blanket out neatly on top of the grass. He re-held my hand and pulled me onto the blanket.

"Jay, why do you have a blanket in your bag?" I laughed.

"For me and Rebecca. We were meant to go on a picnic, but I'd rather use it on you." He replied. Ismiledas I blushed. "What did she do to you?"

I took a deep breathe in. I could trust Jay, why was I hesitating?

"She smashed my head against the glass mirror then flushed my head down the toilet."

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