The second they stepped into the train, Hunter spotted his friends further down the aisle, and without another glance at his sister, he hurried away.

Cassie sighed, shaking her head, before she pulled her trunk along the corridor. Most of the compartments were already filled, but as she almost reached the end of the aisle, she found one where only a small girl was hugging her father goodbye through the window, and Cassie smiled, pushing the door open.


Nervously, the chubby young girl was staring at the scarlet steam train. Her grandmother was having her hand wrapped around Ellie's, pulling her further down the station, until they reached the last part of the vehicle.

"So", her grandmother said, suddenly stopping. "Take care of yourself, Elodie" she said, and Ellie scrunched her nose by the sound of her full name.

"Of course, grandma", Ellie replied, straightening her shoulders.

"Don't forget to write me, I want to know everything, and I want you to immediately tell me which house you've been sorted into." Heather Pettigrew gave her granddaughter a soft smile. "Everything will be alright, you'll see. Just behave and stay out of trouble."

"You know me, I don't like trouble that much", Ellie muttered, smiling back weakly, her nervousness twisting her stomach, as she watched two black haired students enter the train. She felt that it was far to late to get a compartment for her own, there weren't much students left at the plattform.

Her grandma pecked her cheek, before she shushed her granddaughter into the train, were Ellie turned left. As she had guessed, the small compartments were already filled. She turned to the one to her right, were only two young girls were seated, both obviously first years as herself, and pushed the door open.


Looking lost, Ivy held onto her brother's hand, afraid to lose him in the slowly moving crowd. She'd almost stumbled over a cat that must had slipped out of one of the students cages, and Harry steadied her.

"This is ..."

"Magical?", Ivy snickered, following her brother's gaze towards the scarlet steam train.

"Oh, ha-ha", Harry dryly replied with the corners of his mouth twitching bemused. "Well, let's go, don't you think?"

"Hey Harry, could you look after my luggage for a moment, I think I need to find the toilets first", Ivy said, and before Harry could reply, the two fiery red haired twins from before appeared next to her.

"Looks heavy", said the one of them, smirking.

"May we lend a hand?", said the other, and grabbed Ivy's trunk.

"Thank you", the small ginger girl beamed, throwing a glance at her twin brother. "Don't wait for me, Harry, I'll find you on the train." With that, Ivy walked away, entering the train. Students blocked the hallway, and Ivy shoved her way through them, mumbling excuses. But the line in front of the toilet had grown already pretty long, and Ivy sighed, deciding she would wait until the train ride started. Turning around, she went off for searching her brother.

But she didn't find him. A whistle blew and the train moved, having Ivy tumbling forward, her small hands found something to hold on as her rescue. It was a door handle, and she fell right through the door that opened under her weight.

The chatter and laughter inside the compartment died, and Ivy was faced with three young girls her age; one with mouse brown hair, an insecure smile plastered on her face, light green eyes watching Ivy with curiosity; another one with sandy blonde hair and a chubby face, her eyes, a pale blue, widened at the sight of Ivy; the last one wearing her long black hair in curls falling down her back, her marble gray eyes wearing fixed at Ivy, one eyebrow cocked in suspicion.

"Oh, erm, hi", Ivy said, rubbing her neck. "Is there - well, do you might have a seat left? I can't find my brother, I think he's in an other carriage."

The blonde's face brightened. "Of course!", she said, moving aside to make a free seat for Ivy. "Come in!"


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