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Father Han gave up in asking Chu Feng what happened after believing that his delicate daughter had seen something terrifying enough that it scared her into not being able to say anything. He knew and was sure that Han Qin Xi disliked cultivating. She couldn't have caused any of that. All he can do was interrogate the servants and wait until Chu Feng was willing to tell him what happened. 

Chu Feng sat in the hall with Father Han and Lord Wang while the servants who were being punished outside before was kneeling on the floor. Lan Jing was sent home while he was still unconscious, Li Yu Yan was now awake and being held down on the floor in a kneeling position, and Xiao Yan was nowhere to be found after what happened. 

"Why must I be here?! How dare you treat me this way?! My father is Master Li, I'll tell father on you!"

Li Yu Yan struggled and yelled furiously at Father Han. She was in state of resentment. She glared at Chu feng with eyes like daggers. If eyes could kill, she would have killed Chu Feng more than a hundred times now. It was all because of her that I'm like this! It's all her fault!

Lord Wang observed Chu Feng for the last few hours but got nothing out of it. She (CF) was as still as ever and her facial expression did not change one bit. She hadn't said a word since they saw her outside in the snow like someone who was lost in thought.

Chu Feng looked at the barking female lead. She could feel strong resentment from the female lead, but what can she (LYY) do about it? It was done and she (LYY) could do nothing about it. 

How does it feel to be helpless? 

But Xiao Yan was really terrifying. To go berserk against the female lead, it was surely a pretty sight. The thought of it made her smile and chuckle internally. It was such a great feeling, so much that she could still feel the adrenaline rush from before. No wonder villains and mob characters love stepping on the leads.

Chu Feng replayed the scenes in her head as if she was watching her favorite scene from a drama or movie.


With a sudden movement from Chu Feng, Li Yu Yan was caught off guard. One swift body slam was done like lighting. All Li Yu Yan saw before her was the world turning. No, she was the one who was being turned.

Not finishing and barely starting, Chu Feng threw a punch to Li Yu Yan's left collar bone. Because Chu Feng had done it with her inner force combined with her own pure strength, the collar bone cracked. 

"AaH!" Li Yu Yan screamed her lungs out and cried in pain. 

Struggling in vain caused Li Yu Yan's broken collar bone to wound herself more, internally. Her wrist was just done healing itself and now her collar bone was broken. Wounds on the skin was easy to heal but bones took time. Why do she only go for the bones?

Li Yu Yan called her minions towards Chu Feng to make an escape and get away from Chu Feng's grasp. But Chu Feng wasn't going to follow whatever Li Yu Yan was thinking. Chu Feng held onto Li Yu Yan and used her (LYY) as a shield as the minions were came running towards them and tried to jump onto her (CF).

Li Yu Yan was able to earn more bruises by the time she commanded her minions to stop. Laying on the cold snow, she painfully looked at the third male lead and made eye contact with him. The time to use him was now!

Xiao Yan didn't move for a bit. He was still expressionless, but something was off about him. Well, maybe it was because he was under Li Yu Yan's control. He started walking towards Chu Feng who was giving Li Yu Yan palm strikes and who seemed to ignore everything else.

Just as Chu Feng was ready to give Li Yu Yan a punch to the face, Xiao Yan grabbed her hand and pulled her away from Li Yu Yan. 

But just as Chu Feng was being pulled away, thinking that she'll miss her chance, she left a mark on Li Yu Yan. Finished doing what she wanted, she quickly let go.

Xiao Yan threw Chu Feng to the ground effortlessly. Chu Feng thought he could of at least tried to make it like she was much harder to throw.

Who is laughing now?

Li Yu Yan laughed as she coughed out blood. She tried to get up but couldn't so she decided to lay down and heal herself first then go finish that woman off.

Chu Feng thought: Was she really going to have to fight Xiao Yan, the third male lead, right here and right now?

Before she could even think about what she should do, Xiao Yan threw his hands at her. Though it was a miss, Chu Feng still got a cut on her cheek. It bled and she tried to wipe it like it was only water on her. Though the pain was real, Chu Feng didn't want to focus on it else the more she focus on it, the more she will feel the pain from it.

She backed up a little to create some distance between them. Another fist came toward her but was she blocked it with a high kick. Both people made eye contact or seemed to have made eye contact. Xiao Yan's eyes were cloudy and unfocused. 

Taking her foot back, she grabbed onto the snow and threw it at him. Some people would think that it was a dirty trick but who was there to judge? Her life was on the line. 

With a 180 degree turn, she elbowed him while he was distracted by the snow. Xiao Yan didn't move and took the blow directly, making Chu Feng believe she got him. Standing in front of him, he grabbed onto her waist and held her.

What was happening?! We're fighting are we not?!

Confused, she was. She stared at him and made eye contact once again. His eyes were clear and no longer cloudy. Li Yu Yan has lost control of him! Chu Feng smiled in her heart and closed her eyes for she was too exhausted. She was only able to continue fighting him before because of her will to live.

Xiao Yan looked at the woman in his hands. He was holding her! The one who he had thought he'll never see again was right in his arms, fainted from exhaustion. He panicked after realizing what he had just done. A little hatred built up in him when he looked at Li Yu Yan. But he was most angry with himself. Trained from when he was young, he fell for such a low trick and got controlled by someone. He even attacked someone because of it.

By the time Chu Feng was conscious, she witnessed Xiao Yan attacking Li Yu Yan. He didn't go easy on her at all, even if she was a woman. Li Yu Yan too, she used her full power. She summoned plants to hold down Xiao Yan but they were cut through easily. Both looked like they were on par but in truth, Li Yu Yan was falling behind. 

In the end, Li Yu Yan was covered in heavy and deep injuries. Xiao Yan was barely wounded. There were only a few wounds here and there. 

Seeing Li Yu Yan fully concentrated in the fight against Xiao Yan, it made Chu Feng believe that Li Yu Yan was only going easy on her (CF) earlier and wasn't that serious. Or maybe Li Yu Yan had different estimations for each of them.

Whatever the case, continuously beating the female lead brought Chu Feng a wave of relief. Not allowing the female lead an opening and attacking as fast as she could with every possible move her had felt great. All the stress from this story was being released. It felt like a huge boulder was lift off.

Her hands were tired and bloodied with her own and with Li Yu Yan's but it was worth it. It may be the only chance that she have to go against the female lead.

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