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okay so dude, ive known you longer than anyone in the cult, ive always loved your art and your personality. like srsly ur awesome. you also are a amazing singer and person in general. ily!!


kay so first off, love your art, its amazing, also you have a friccing  amazing singing voice. i love your humor and just your personality all together, you and harper are a really cute couple as well!!!! uwu


meg, your my mom and ily, when i needed help or to vent you would always let me and i love our weird conversations where we are just like uwuwuwuwu and calling bakugo 'bakuhoe' and izuku 'izuwu'. you are amazing!!!!!!! you have a beautiful singing voice and can draw really well!!!


so i know we aren't close or talk much but you are seriously really cool, you are also an amazing artist like wow. i wish i had ur skillz, anyways ily


lil, ily dude, i think you need to go easy on yourself, you are beautiful the way you are and you don't need to change, so go drink some water and get a snack. you are a bean who has an amazing singing voice and can draw really well. i also love your voice, it's so cute and smol.

ily all so much


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