Pain in the Rear Window

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"Okay, so, this is where my booth for your school carnival is going to go."

The Ross kids, Jessie, and I were in the park were they were setting up the carnival for our school. My sister was gonna have a booth at the carnival and I hope it isn't lame.

It's been a few days since the movie with Shaylee and Savanna. My feelings for Luke have grown but I'm not gonna tell anyone my feelings, and just keep things not stressful. I can trust Luke but I'm afraid of getting hurt again. I'm not ready to date at the moment.

"I know your mom usually raises a lot of money with her dunking-for-diamonds booth, but I have a sure-fire moneymaker." Jessie tells us as we stand in front of her booth that wasn't set up yet.

What could be better then dunking for diamonds? Nothing.

"And what game of chance will you be running?" Ravi asks.

Don't be lame.

"The bottle-ring toss!" She squeals and I sigh quietly.

It's lame.

Jessie notices our bored expressions.

"This is where you're supposed to go, "awesome! Cool! Wow! Sick! Jessie, you're the most amazing sister in the world!"

"Awesome." Emma.

"Cool." Ravi.

"Wow." Zuri.

"Sick." Luke.

"Jessie, you're the most amazing sister in the world!" I smile with fake excitement and hug my sister.

Jessie grabs my ear, pulling me off her and I whine.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" I hold my ear and pout.

"Hello, Jessie."

All of us groan disdainfully when we hear Agatha's voice. I've met Agatha and she is one of the worst people in the world, also one of the worst looking people in the world.

"Walking in the Park again? I'm surprised someone hasn't scooped you up and put you in a plastic bag." She jokes and I roll my eyes.

I'm surprised no has mistaken her for a troll that lives under a bridge.

"Very funny, Hagatha." Jessie replies bitterly. "And what are you doing here? Rooting for truffles?"

The five of us laugh at Jessie's joke.

"If you must know, I, too, have a booth at the carnival." She tells us and leads over to her booth.  The six of us mimicked the way she walked. "My new charge, Manfred van Pelkington, is a student at Walden Academy."

"Poor Manny. That explains his twitch." Emma laughs and we chuckle.

"And his constant nervous gas." Ravi adds and we laugh.

"Well, maybe the next fundraiser we have could pay to de-brat these children." Agatha fires back and I roll my eyes.

"Agatha, random question." I speak up. "Have you ever kept goats from crossing a bridge?"

My sister and the Ross kids laugh and Luke and I first bump.

"Ha, ha, ha!" Agatha bitterly laughs. "You haven't heard the last of me!"

She walks off and I scoff. I hate that woman.

"Jessie, if you wanna raise money, just charge people to watch my moves." Luke suggests and he began to do some dance moves that worried Jessie.

"Luke, be careful." Jessie warns him but he didn't listen and began to do multiple backhand springs. "Please be-"

All of us gasp when Luke crashes into something and falls.

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