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As soon as Jeff exited the room and locked the door, I quickly stood up from the bed. The room was not too big and I had to find the way out of it. I walked to the window which luckily wasn't locked and opened it. I mean who would try to run away using the main door of the house? As soon as I opened the window I saw that it wasn't high at all so I quickly hopped through it. Feeling the wet grass in the middle of the cold night wasn't really that great. But that wasn't the thing I was worried about. Quickly I looked around me to be sure Jeff wasn't following me. When I saw the air was clear I started to run away from the house as fast as I possibly could. It was cold and gloomy. Hard to see where I was going.

After a while, I got out of breath and I really couldn't run anymore. I stopped running and sat on the ground to rest for a moment.

'I need to go now. He could be right after me.'  I thought as stood up from the cold and wet ground. My party clothes were now dirty and covered with mud.   'Disgusting.' 

I continued to run but this time faster. Just to get away from him. From that creepy house.

"Ouchh!!! Ahh!" I groaned as fell to the ground, after bumping into someone. I rubbed my forehead which was now hurting badly. When I opened my eyes I saw the tallest man I've ever seen. He was tall with slender arms and legs. Creepy as hell. But, he had no face. Just blank white head. No eyes, no mouth or nose.

I started to scream as soon I realized he was right in front of me. Very close. I was so scared at the moment that I didn't see his tentacles coming to get me. The tall man curled his tentacles around me so I couldn't move.  "Noo! LET ME GO!"   I yelled and screamed for help but nothing. The man shut my mouth with one of his long tentacles so I couldn't scream. Tears streamed down my face as I tried to struggle in man's grip.

The man carried through the wood and I realized he was carrying me back to the house where I escaped from.  

'No. No, God! Noo! Let me go! I don't want to get back there...'

I was exhausted of too much fighting against the tall man so I finally gave up. The man was moving slowly but was somehow fast.  When I saw the house from before, I started to cry.

When we got very close to the house the tall man stopped moving and was incredibly calmed. I was sobbing quietly as I saw Jeff coming out of the house. He held the knife in his right hand and my eyes widened at the sight.

"Thanks man. You can put her down now."   Jeff said and a second after, I felt a pain through my whole body as I hit the ground.  

"Ahhh!!!"  When I opened my eyes, I saw Jeff coming towards me. I quickly tried to back away but the tall man was still behind me and there was no way out. Jeff leaned down in front of me and grabbed me by my hair, turning me so now my neck was exposed to his knife.  

"What were you thinking when you tried to run away? Hmm? You see you didn't get too far, right?"  

"AHH!"  I flinched when he violently pulled me by my hair and put the knife close to my neck. Tears escaped my eyes as I sobbed.

"Shut up you bitch! You are coming back with me."  Jeff let go of my hair as stood up. I tried to stop my sobbing. "Sory for bothering you, man. Thanks."  I heard some whispers in response to Jeff and I realized those whispers came from the tall man.   "Okay, so see ya around."   In a matter of second the tall man disappeared in front of my eyes. Slowly I turned my head to Jeff who, I could see, was really mad. He looked like a psycho with that crazy look on his face and the knife in his hand.   

"P-please..."  I said as Jeff got closer to me, making me back away from him a little. He said nothing in response. I was scared a lot because I didn't know what he was going to do to me. Jeff quickly grabbed me by my wrist and pulled me closer. He lifted his arm in the air and slapped me. I yelped in pain.  Jeff slapped me so hard I almost fell back to the ground. 

"We are going back in there and I swear, I will punish you so damn hard you won't be even able to fucking think anymore."

Jeff pulled me up from the ground, taking me back to the house.

"NO! Please! I will never run away again, I swear!!! LET ME GO! Please!!!" Jeff didn't listen to me as he pulled me towards the house. 

"You are coming with me and you are right. You will never escape!"  

Jeff said, throwing me on the bed violently. I gasped when I hit the hard bed. Soon I realized Jeff was now on top of me pinning me firmly to the bed. He tied my hands to it, pulling out his knife.  

"N-no! Please! Don't!!!" I cried in fear. It was cold but I was sweating. I was scared and nervous and everything at the same time. Jeff leaned down to my face, looking at me with a smile. 

"I think I will need this."   He pulled out a gag from his pocket and put it in my mouth. "Look how hopeless you are my dear."  Jeff leaned to my belly as pulled your shirt up.  "What a beautiful skin you have. But, I will ruin it a little."  He prepared his knife to make a cut on my stomach.  "Don't worry honey. This will hurt a bit. But this is your punishment."   The only sound that could be heard was my desperate mumbling through the gag. My screaming to be exact.  "Shh... Here we go."   Jeff said before he made a long cut cross my stomach. I screamed in pain as blood covered my body and sheets around me.  

"Mmmmmm...  Mmmm...Mmmm...!!!!"  My eyes were closed tightly, tears running down my cheeks from them. 

"Ah, what a beautiful voice you have darling. Come on. Scream for me!"   Said Jeff and made another cut in my skin but this time a little deeper. I screamed again with more and more blood coming out.

My vision became blurry because of the tears in my eyes. I could barely see what was going on around me. Jeff waited for me to calm down then he spoke. 

"Alright darling, this is the last one."   He said, grinning madly before he did the last cut. It was the longest and the deepest. I screamed more and my throat was now like on fire. Jeff took away his knife which was now covered with my blood. The horrible pain was still hitting me, not letting md breathe.  "That was nice darling. I liked this."  Jeff said, wiping away my tears. I was sobbing and crying in pain. Jeff untied me and took the gag out of my mouth.

My wrists hurt now along with my skin on the stomach. When Jeff got off of me, I took a look at my belly and was terrified at the sight. Everything was covered with blood and I could clearly see the cuts on your skin. It became very painful now and I threw my head back in pain.

"It will stop hurting you soon. Don't cry baby."   Jeff said and you looked at him fearfully. What was his problem!? He was one crazy psycho. That's what it was.  "Sleep now my darling. I hope you learned your lesson. I think you don't want to repeat that punishment. Am I correct?" Said Jeff and I nodded weakly.  "Okay. Good. Now go to sleep. We are going to play a game tomorrow."   Jeff said as left the room and I soon fell asleep.


So, here's the chapter 2. What do you say? :) I was pretty inspired tonight so I wrote this stuff. Hope you liked it.  ;)  Please leave a comment or a vote.  Thanks!  <3

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