Chapter 5

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I layed on the somewhat comfortable couch. Everyone was asleep in the dark swag living room. I sat up, feeling a vibration in my pocket I for some reason nearly fell asleep with. I checked my phone
'Hey, your pretty gay' I got a text, I was somewhat confused
'Yeah, I am, how do you know?' I texted back to them
'It's me, the person you walked in on and randomly fucked' I stared at the screen, I'd forgotten that happened
'Ohhh, Yeah. Your William right? Uh, I don't think I told you my name, it's Milo' I replied. I saw he started texting back but I layed back down, closing my eyes. I didn't bother texting back as I soon fell asleep.

I awoken to the light shining in, and the sound of sizzling. I was somewhat confused, I got up and saw Christian in the kitchen. He was cooking pancakes?
"Christian? Are you cooking...pancakes?" I asked him
"Yeah, but there not turning out how I wanted them :(" he replied. He was right though, they looked burnt, or some looked gooey. He suddenly picked up a packing peanut and threw it at me
My eyes widened as I began to eat the packing peanut
"MILO! NO!" He shouted at me, I spat it out. Jayde- I mean Crackers woke up from the shouting
"Shuuuuuttt uppppp. Im trying to fucking sleep" she groaned
"NEVER!!!!" Christian threw another packing peanut at Crackers. Crackers hissed.
"Guys, please be quiet" kitty suggested as walking into the living room.
"Why are you using Kitty's kitchen an-"
"BECAUSE I AM MILO!!" Christian yelled. I looked at him like bitch wtf.
"Oh yeah Milo- Why was your phone buzzing for like 10 minutes last night" I went silent, remembering I forgot to reply, I shrugged off the question from Christians question. Should I really reply now though? I mean like, it doesn't really matter. I only met him yesterday, and I only fucked him- But he makes my fluster. I put my hand to my cheek, drooling a little
"What are you doing? It's weird.." kitty asked, I broke out of my thoughts, wiping my mouth.
"Nothing..." I whispered.
"Okay these aren't even perfect, but ima just say there done" Christian places plates of pancakes on our laps. Crackers, Kitty and Christian began eating. I looked down at the meal and began eating it too.

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