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demon hoseok and sweet, loving, caring human namjoon having rough sex on their bed in their apartment. hoseok is the complete opposite in bed than what he is outside of it, so completely smitten and painfully obviously in love with him that hearts are always over his head.

in bed, hoseok is rough and gives no hesitation in showing namjoon who he belongs to. he would halfway transform to rack his claws down his body, use his sharp teeth to leave marks that would last for days.

when he was too lost in his pleasure, he would fully transform and namjoon thought he looked beautiful with his tattered skin and black eyes with that glowing ring in them, dark long curved horns atop his head.

hoseok would tell him how beautiful he looked, crying while he railed him with his monstrous cock. he would smirk at the sight of his cock making namjoon's belly bulge when he was completely inside of him. "oh, you look so gorgeous, baby. i wish you could see yourself, belly all full with your pretty cock leaking all over it, tears running down your face."

namjoon would only give a small whimper before his cries started up again as hoseok continued his rough thrusts. the demon up on his knees along with namjoon while he fucked into namjoon from behind, holding him up using his arms because namjoon would just end up falling down on his face.

when the demon came, he would pump namjoon's belly full of his seed, and say things like "you look beautiful, yet pathetic swollen like that." or "i bet you would love it if i could fill you with children, huh? i'd have to fuck you for hours." and all namjoon could do was whine at the smallest belief of it happening and beg for even more.


lemme know if you want more chapters like this lmao. i have an actual oneshot in the works, hopefully it'll be out soon

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