Episode 48

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Del smiled when I woke up

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Del smiled when I woke up. He was playing with his fidget toy. 

I didn't feel like getting out of bed. It was soft and warm.

I did, though... After ten minutes or so...

I jumped in the shower. After I got out and dry, I changed in a pair of En's clothes. I really wanted to wear them today.

Del had his hand over his mouth. "How many of En's old clothes did you sneak with you?"

"I dunno..."

"Oh, Star, it's fine." There was light in his eyes. "They smell like home, don't they?"

I nodded. They were all mine. I didn't have to share. Del, Cyan, and Cole couldn't fit in them even if they really wanted to. Not that I thought Cyan wanted to wear anybody's clothes but Cole's. It wouldn't be weird with how often they fell asleep next to each other.

Del grabbed my hand. "Come on. I wanna show you something."

When we got outside, I saw Cole on the ground in faded old clothes, painting. Cyan was lying on the chair in the sun. She must've been sunbathing or something.

Del put his hands over my eyes.

Uh oh! What was he planning? Why would he do that now and not when he said he wanted to show me something?

"Turn around."

I did as Del asked.

I stepped back until I felt something on the back of my legs. Was it a chair?

Del tapped my side. I guess he was prompting me to lie down.

That was when he finally took his hands off my eyes.

I ran my hands across the surface. I still hadn't figured out what it was when he covered my eyes. "My God, Del. You—you didn't have to do this."

He ran his fingers through my hair. "I wanted to. I did it cuz I could."

"Looks nice." Cole looked up at me. "You like it then?"

"Of—of course, I do."

"We had one at Hannah's." Del smiled. "It was probably his favorite place in the entire house."

Cole got up to look at his painting. He studied it for a minute and put it on the table in the sun.

Cyan followed him in.

"You didn't have to do this, Del."

He was playing with his fidget toy. "But I wanted to. I know it always helped you fix your inner clock."

Ame popped in right then.

"Was this always here?"

"My God, Lady!" If Del were younger, his voice probably would've cracked.

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