Ch.10 Hollow Effort

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"There. Perfect."

"Whoa, something smells good."

I turn towards my little sister, Yuzu, to find her walking down the stairs.

"Wow! You cooked all this?!"

She looked amazed as she looked over the dinning table filled with food. I place the last plate onto the table before answering.

"You were so busy yesterday with the patients, I thought I could give you a break from cooking this morning."

Yuzu smiles at me.

"Thank you. I'll get eveyone else."

She heads back up stairs. Moments later, her, alongside Ichigo, return.

"Hey." he greets me.

"Hey. Where's Karin?"

"She doesn't want to eat. She's not feeling well."

"She's sick... That's strange."

As the two sit at the table with me, the door to the clinic bursts open. Isshin was in a panic.

"Ichigo! Bad news! Chad's not in his room!"

~~~~Time Skip~~~~

I'm riding through town, looking for Chad. I just dropped Ichigo off at school. He's going to check if he's there.

"I hope you're okay Chad..."

~~~~Time Skip~~~~

It's been about an hour later and there's no sign of Chad on the streets.

"He must be hiding somewhere."

As I turn onto other street, I park my bike to the side.

"Okay. Where else should I check?"

As I think, I hear a voice.

"You look so distressed."

Startled by the voice, I look around the street empty. It was quite, no one else was here.

"Hello?" I call out.

"Hello, my dear. I'm glad we could meet again."

From the tone of the voice, I recognize it right away.

"Your the voice from my dream."

"I'm glad you remembered me."

"I couldn't hear you before. But now that you're speaking clearly, you can tell me who you really are."

"...You can call me Sōjun. I happen to be a family friend of yours."

"Family friend? ...Sorry, I don't know any family friend named Sōjun."

"You mean to the Kurosaki family, right? Sorry. I meant your true family."

"You know of my true family?"

"...Weren't you looking for someone?"

"Don't change the subject."

"I'll explain in due time, but you should really turn to your right."


I do what I'm told to find Chad running on the back streets between houses.

"Chad!" I called for.

"Wait. How did you know who I was looking for?"

I don't get a reply. I guess the voice already left.

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