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chan is calling...

minho sighed, ignoring his phone. he placed it down on his nightstand and laid back onto his bed.

the ringing stopped. half a minute later it began to ring again.

ring... ring... ring...

growling under his breath, minho finally picked up his phone and answered chan's call.

"what the hell do you want, chan?" minho spat, laying back down into the bed.

quiet. it was quiet. a few seconds later small sniffling sounds could be heard. "why did you call me a slut? why're you being so mean? i'm just trying to apologize and you're acting like a complete dick lee minho! you're being a pain in the ass and i- what the fuck did i do?!" chan yelled through the phone.

minho sighed aggressively. "you know exactly what you did. after i left that store, a week later you found yourself a boyfriend. yeah, don't think i didn't know about you and seungmin. two months later you broke up and started dating this woojin guy. about five or six months pass and you're dating this kid named jeongin. chan, you're a fucking slut! to think i liked someone like you.." minho mumbled his last words.

chan didn't respond. it had been five minutes and he still hadn't said anything. "chan?" minho mumbled under his breath.

"chan?" he said louder. no response.

suddenly the call ended. minho looked at his phone, shock and anger written all over his face. "he's such a pussy, i swear.." he mumbled, placing his phone back onto his nightstand and shutting his eyes.

this book's gonna have the angst that the first book didn't have so get ready 😎

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