'ʏᴏᴜ ᴅɪsɢᴜsᴛ ᴍᴇ'

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The two teenage Serpents sat curled up on the couch, Daphne slowly falling into a sleep. However, Jughead stayed awake. Daphne could sleep in peace; she wasn't the one who Penny was after. Jughead was. And that's all Jughead could think of. He watched as the shorter girl's eyes fluttered shut and how she clung to his jacket as she fell into the safety of sleep. He sighed and rested his head on top of hers. Jughead and Daphne had always been close friends, they were basically forced together by her mom and FP. But they didn't mind; they got on quite well. Jughead and Daphne had always promised to look after each other, forever and always. That was their thing. People always thought they'd end up getting married but they knew that they were like siblings. There was nothing that could break that bond. It was Daphne's strongest bond and she didn't want to lose that.

The trailer door flung open and the two Serpents stood up with a jolt, Daphne still half asleep. FP walked in, a glum look on his face as he approached the two who were now pacing together. Daphne bit on her thumbnail as she stared in the man's eyes, looking for some sort of hope.

"Well.What did they say? Are they kicking me out?" Jughead asked hastily, not waiting for his father to even respond. He stood in a spot and searched FP's face for any clues. There were none. FP stayed expressionless. He placed his motorcycle helmet on the couch and turned back to Jughead,

"There's gonna be a vote," he breathed in some air, "You versus Penny." He rubbed a rough hand over his brow. FP's mind was racing with thoughts. Did he vote for what's right? Or did he vote for family? Or morals? It was all too much for the older Serpent.

"Me versus..?" Jughead trailed off in disbelief. He looked around to Daphne,

"They can't see what we get with Penny in the picture?" Daphne exclaimed, "She'll ruin the Serpents, FP." She walked closer to the pair, standing by Jughead's side in support.

"Enough, Daphne." FP placed his hand in front of him to stop her, "Penny's a cobra, but mutilating her? That's a thing you don't come back from Jug." Jughead stepped back, coffing at his father. FP's voice was dripped in hurt and all he wanted to do was put Jughead straight. Daphne crossed her arms at the two. They both just needed their heads banging together.

"What? Like stuffing a teenager's body in the freezer?" Jughead retaliated. Daphne dropped her amrs in disbelief, as did FP. FP ran to the boy and pinned him against the wall.

"You need to learn to keep your damn mouth shut." Their faces were inches away. Daphne lunged to the two, pushing FP off Jughead. She huffed out a breath and looked between the two,

"You two need to sort this out. But not like that, Uncle FP. He's your son." She grabbed her jacket off the couch, "I'm going. Sort this out. Jug, text me later." Jughead nodded and looked at the floor, embarassed. FP stopped the girl before she reached the trailer door,

"I'm sorry, Daph. You-You've been dragged in to this and I promised-" He was cut off by Daphne wrapping her arms round his neck and bringing him into an embrace.

"It's fine, Uncle FP. Bye, I love you." She left the trailer without saying another word, leaving the Jones boys in silence. That was until they thought she was out of hearing range and FP began shouting again. Daphne rolled her eyes in annoyance. Her phone rang in her Serpent jacket and she pulled it out.

giant pea 

where are you?


im coming to your trailer 

Sweet Pea read the text and didn't reply, which was unusual for him. Nevertheless, Daphne made her way to the trailer. She bent down to find the spare key under the steps and walked straight in. She found a glum Sweet Pea on the couch. It looked like he had been drinking. He lifted the glass bottle to his lips, he had definetely been drinking. Daphne quietly closed the door behind her.

"Hey Sweets," she said, placing the spare key on the side. He grunted in reply, the bottle moving once again to his lips. "Sweet Pea?" Daphne moved over closer to him and scanned his face. To say he looked pissed was an understatement. "Everything okay?" She asked and he scoffed.

"I don't know, Daph. Is it?" He scoffed and turned to the girl who was still standing, "Were you ever going to tell me about you and Mantle?" Sweet Pea looked hurt, vulnerable almost.

"W-What?" Daphne furrowed her brows in confusion, her and Reggie were friends. She made that very clear.

"God, don't play innocent." Sweet Pea stood and swayed in his spot, "There's photos. Actual evidence of my girlfriend!" He raised his volume and pointed to nothing with the glass bottle, "My girlfriend making out with a bulldog!" 

"Sweets, I-"

"Do NOT call me that." He threw the glass bottle at the trailer wall, it smashing imediately at the force. Daphne flinched and her mind traced back to her father. That's what she was seeing Sweet Pea as right now, her dad. And she didn't like it.

"I don't- When?" Daphne stepped back, tears forming in her eyes but she refused to let them fall. She didn't want Sweet Pea to know she was scared. He edged closer, his face filled with utter rage.

"The race. You made out with that scumbag and then came and kissed me." Sweet Pea's eyes glossed over and the anger turned to upset, "How can you do that? Daph, it's called leading people on. And it's disgusting." 

"He kissed me. I didn't-"

"That's not the point!" He lunged Daphne and towered over her, her face inches away from his chest. "You're just leading me on to make him jealous. Come on, admit it! I've seen the way you look at each other. The way you touch! " Daphne shook her head and the tears began pouring,

"Me and Reggie, we're fr-"

"Friends?" Sweet Pea scoffed, "You disgust me," His tone dripped in hatred, "I'm not just going to be used by some wannabe Serpent. Get out of my sight." He turned away and grabbed another glass bottle.

"Sweets, let's just talk." Daphne edged closer and placed her hand on his shoulder. His breathing raced and he spun round knocking Daphne on to the floor. Daphne fell to floor, crying out in pain as she hit her head on the dark carpet. Sweet Pea's hand shook as his lips trembled,

"Daph, I-" He knelt on the floor, tears streaming down his cheeks, "I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me. All I could see was his stupid smug face and-"

"I'm gonna go." Daphne whispered, pushing herself up with her arms. She brushed herself down and never let her eyes meet Sweet Pea's.

"Daph, wait-"

"Don't call me that." She breathed out as she faced the trailer door, "Don't call me anything. Like you said, I disgust you."

"Daphne, come on. This doesn't mean that we're o-" Sweet Pea fidgeted on the spot, he couldn't let her leave angry with him.

"I think it does. I think we are."

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