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30) Switch names with your friend or just change your name completely. Then get I'm trouble and when the sub goes to write a note to the teacher about you they will write the wrong name and you won't get blamed! GENIUS!

31) if the teacher does not leave a list of what to do for the sub, just remember, coloring is fun for everyone.

32) bringing a big bag of candy and passing it out during class and then telling the sub that its something that you do daily is something amazing to do.

33) telling the sub that the class already did and turned in the paper that they are handing out = no homework or class work.

34) telling the sub that on the certain day that it is, the teacher lets students direct the class... Well lets just say that it often ends badly, yet hilariously.

A/n I wanted to upload but couldn't think of much so this is all you get for now. I will probably do a Substitute part 2 sometime in the future but for now this is it.

Also, whoever gives me the best idea for a topic for some upcoming funniness if school will get a dedication.



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